Sophisticated Sexy

Last year, I was invited to speak at a women's group hosted by the local tech company, Bazaarvoice, where I met Big Data Engineer, Anna. She contacted me for the Sort, Shop, and Style service when she found herself in a pivotal period of transition: newly single and moving to Paris. Basically, the dream scenario for re-imagining your personal style. Anna was READY.

During our Sort session I discovered that Anna is a very unique, intelligent, and deeply interesting person. She has many sides to her personality, and they were reflected in her clothing. She had some sexy New York pieces mixed in with some preppy and some hipster emo/grunge. Some people think they need to pick just one "style" and go with it, but to me that seemed limiting. I did notice her shoe collection was more developed and sophisticated, so I thought, why not just take her extra-dynamic style and just bring it up to the level of her shoe collection?

We shopped for updated basics to fill in some of the gaps since she had a few stand-out pieces she wasn't wearing. She needed things like blazers, awesome black pants, and simple dresses to fully utilize her closet. Anna had a few "a-ha" moments in the dressing room but when we styled the pieces into outfits, it really all came together.

Anna now has a great collection of sophisticated, sexy, and personality-filled outfits to wear for her next adventure! She tells me she feels much more confident and like she's really showcasing her personality in her new wardrobe. I loved seeing the shift happen, showing her how to wear the things she's been neglecting, and how pumped she got when the process started working for her. I have no doubt Anna will take her fully realized style with her to Paris, where she will certainly be inspired to keep shopping!

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