Casual Dapper

I met Justin over the summer--he's a super easy-going, successful guy who not only has a full time job but also co-owns a chocolate company with his sister! Clearly, he's got a lot going for him, and was totally down to spruce up his wardrobe to match. We sorted through his closet which consisted of a lot of jeans from the college days, grey slacks, and custom-made shirts. He has a pretty solid work wardrobe, but since he's got a fun, up for anything personality (and a chocolate company), I thought it would be fitting for his wardrobe to reflect that a bit more.

Months passed before we could align our schedules to shop together, and therefore I knew I needed to make sure we got Justin as many pieces as possible, plus take some Before & After shots on the go. He's not afraid of a little offbeat fashion, and I found him more colorful shirt options, plus showed him how to mix some plaids together to create a bit of fun in his everyday wardrobe. We found easy casual outfits that could transition to dressier ones with the addition of a blazer or a henley t-shirt, and some cool shoes for some extra polish, plus a fun grandpa button-up that's kind of a hoodie/cardigan hybrid.

I loved working with Justin and am excited to see where his style goes next!

Justin After 1
justin after 2
Justin After 3