Corporate Flair

Wendy received the Sort, Shop, and Style as a birthday gift from her sweet mom. I liked Wendy as soon as I met her--she's very real, down to earth, and was ready to have fun and be open to the process of elevating her wardrobe. Wendy works in IT at a hospital, and while she doesn't have to wear scrubs at work, she got a little stuck in the business casual solid slacks/solid top/one accessory rut. She enjoys fashion, but her closet reflected her dislike of the shopping process--it was filled with multiple tops in the same style but different colors, plain slacks, and lots of cute shoes she never could figure out how to wear. While her clothing wasn't too dated and much of it fit her well, there was very little variety and it fell kind of flat. She didn't have one hint of print or texture in the whole closet! Someone as energetic, interesting, and fun as Wendy (not to mention gorgeous) needed her wardrobe to reflect that person!

Since she already had a lot of great solid basics, I concentrated on finding her simply-shaped pieces that had some originality or flair. I wanted to stick to silhouettes she'd be comfortable with (and end up wearing), but add some modern and fun twists. I found her a printed pencil skirt and not one but TWO pairs of printed pants (in the photos below it's difficult to see, but those trousers in the middle are navy and black print). The pieces I selected paired easily with her sweater collection, and I showed her how to add in even more fun with accessories (like the scarves and shoes she never wore). We also found her several printed tops to inject a little personality into those older, but still wearable work slacks, a cool neutral moto-style jacket, and a sexy black dress she could wear 5 different ways.

I'm so excited that Wendy found a way to wear all the pieces she'd been neglecting and show the world her fun personality while still keeping it work-appropriate. Yay!

wendy 2
wendy 1
wendy 3