Pretty parking lot sky after yesterday’s capsule gap shopping session. One of the coolest things about using a capsule wardrobe is you become very discerning about what to purchase. At first it feels terrible trying on things that aren’t quite doing it for you, but then a little magic happens when you realize you are letting go of old habits like buying it even if you know you might not want wear it all the time. You buy fewer things (and sometimes you still want more) but you are more mindful about adding only hits (and fewer shiny fantasy pieces). It can take a little more time, but you save money and you learn a little bit about yourself in the process! I honestly feel honored to walk through this process with my clients, and love seeing the magic ✨ of the capsule unfold (& sometimes creep into other areas of life)! #capsulewardrobe #capsulestyling #minimalism #simpleshopping

It’s back to basics this year since I’m allergic to the trends right now... when ruffles/bell sleeves/cold shoulders get you down, you can always rely on solid classic tees, knits, and denim! Let’s play with proportion, shape, and color combinations while the weather cools down, shall we? 😊😊😊 #blueblackred #capsulewardobe #antitrend #minimalist #ootd

Monday morning makes me crave the open road! Or maybe I can reframe it to be a metaphor for the endless possibilities that lay before me at the beginning of a packed week? 😜 #latergram #mondaysare #openroad #highway170

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