Lookbook Membership

(for established clients only)


The Lookbook Membership was created to give you new ideas for how to wear your current pieces, plus add key items to your wardrobe so you can seamlessly extend your style into the next season or whenever you need it. It's the perfect compliment to your seasonal Sort Shop & Style services and will keep you feeling on-the-ball all year long. This interactive, digital, and completely private program will serve as your total style resource, with everything you need in one spot. Let me show you around!

First, check out your Closet where you can upload photos of pieces from your closet and keep track new purchases you've made. I will add pieces I think will suit you in the Finds section. Using both your uploaded Closet items, plus my Finds, I will create new, fully styled outfits for you in your Lookbook. Pretty cool, huh?

What You'll Receive

  • 20 fully styled new outfits according to the season, added to the Lookbook section
  • 10 pieces added to your Finds in each category (tops, bottoms, dresses/suits, layers, accessories, etc), or special attention to specific categories as requested by you
  • Integrated styling with your uploaded Closet items
  • One month of style support using the Lookbook (comments/updates/etc)
  • : $250