Autumn's Story

Autumn Elias is a vibrant, sassy, and dedicated entrepreneur in Austin, and I'm lucky enough to have been working with her for years! I've seen both her business and her style explode over the time we've known each other and I'm excited to share her story here with you guys today. Autumn's passion is seen in every aspect of her life, from the running of her wellness business to her energy on the dance floor. She is committed to living passionately and inspiring others to feel the connection and joy in their life. Her mission and vision for her business, Vita Wellness Massage, is an extension of her personal vibrancy and dedication to living life to the fullest.

Autumn, what made you decide to hire a personal stylist? What were you struggling with prior to our time together?

I hired you because I immediately felt comfortable in your presence- you were easy to talk to and share my style 'issues' with. What issues did I have prior? Just an overall LACK OF STYLE (lol). I wanted to upgrade to a classier, sassier style- we achieved just that!

What did you love about the process and about working together?

I love shopping with Laurel because it SIMPLIFIES EVERYTHING! Plus, she finds really great items on the first go and, she even pushes me a little bit to step outside my style-comfort zone. For example, when we first started working together, I NEVER wore dresses-no how, no way. Now, I have four dress in my closet. Each time we'd shop, she'd have me try one on. Her gentle encouragement helped and I feel more fully expressive since adding these dresses into my wardrobe rotation.


What changed for you as a result of our working together? How did our work help solve a problem or shift a mindset about your personal style?

Well, a lot changed. In a short time, I became less afraid of styling pieces together myself...I even went shopping a few times on my own (I HATE shopping-I know, I'm from another planet-) but this is a HUGE accomplishment because, as a result of Laurel's help, I became much more clear on what style was 'me' and what fitted my body type, therefore, shopping was a little less daunting and overwhelming.

If you were to recommend my services to a friend, what would you say about your experience?

Um, YES, of course! "oh, what? you're feeling overwhelmed overtime you look in your closet?!" "girl, I know! and I have someone who can help you with that..."

What was your biggest takeaway from your personal styling experience?

I can be bold and sassy just by adding a pair of 'loud' shoes- amen!

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