Elizabeth's Story

I met Elizabeth earlier this year when she received my services as a gift from her very thoughtful boyfriend. I was excited to work with her because she's a social worker, and having been one of those myself, I knew I could easily understand the challenges of dressing for this type of job (you know, you want to look nice, but can't look TOO nice). I had so much fun pulling her true style from the pieces she loved and already owned, and bolstering it with new, fresh, flattering options for work and play.

Elizabeth, please tell us a little bit about yourself...

I moved to Austin a few years ago for graduate school. I love Austin, but I'm an east coast gal at heart. I work as a social worker with the Center for Child Protection. I was originally drawn to the field because of my commitment to issues of social justice. As for what makes me happy? Puppies, long chats with close friends, international adventures, meeting people from new places, coffee and my sweet boyfriend's loud laugh.

What made you decide to hire a personal stylist? What were you struggling with prior to our time together?

Prior to my time with you I had recently finished graduate school and started a job as a social worker. My wardrobe was outdated and hadn't received some TLC in quite some time. I hoped to update my wardrobe and find pieces that were professional, as well as fun.

What did you love about the process and about working together?

Excitement of trying new things and seeing myself in a new way!

What changed for you as a result of our working together? How did our work help solve a problem or shift a mindset about your personal style?

My work with you helped me to refocus on my style. During and after our time together I started to see how putting effort into my style could give me confidence, brighten my day and be part of overall self-care.

If you were to recommend my services to a friend, what would you say about your experience?

Already have. I would say working with you helped me to try new things and think about how to pesent myself through my clothing. How to find your grown sexy!

What was your biggest takeaway from your personal styling experience?

It's good to venture out of what I typically buy but also find pieces to replace the worn down pieces I've loved.

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