Kamila's Story

My latest style story features Kamila, a fiction copy editor and aspiring novelist. Kamila used the Closet Analysis to freshen up her style game this spring, and we had a blast together. Since she's a word-master, I'm going to let her give her own intro because obviously she will say it best!

Hi! I'm Kamila. I live in north Austin with my husband and our two rescue dogs. When I'm not reading or writing, you'll find me in the kitchen over a vegetarian or vegan recipe, sitting in the yard watching "beast TV," crafting, and hanging out with family and friends.

Kamila, what made you decide to hire a personal stylist? What were you struggling with prior to our time together?

I had gotten used to my tried-and-true basics, particularly for the hot summer, and wanted some new ideas that still fit my laid-back style. I hate nothing more than feeling dressy! You are down-to-earth and authentic, so I knew you weren't going to suggest things outside my comfort zone.

What did you love about the process and about working together?

I never felt like what I was doing before was wrong or misguided, and that I needed to scrap it all and start over. We built on what I already knew I liked and felt comfortable in.

What changed for you as a result of our working together? How did our work help solve a problem or shift a mindset about your personal style?

You helped me update my wardrobe without its feeling like a drastic makeover. The results are subtle but impactful: for example, I was inspired to give skirts another shot by trying a sporty pencil skirt, and pairing it with slip-on Sketchers has me feeling stylish but comfy. Or who knew a denim vest would be the item I never knew I needed? Or that high-waisted jeans are a way better fit for me? These are foolproof basics that make me feel like a bad-ass without compromising comfort.

If you were to recommend my services to a friend, what would you say about your experience?

You steer clear of the superficiality commonly associated with the fashion world by being a genuinely nice person, and using fashion as a form of creative self-expression, not to put on airs or flaunt a certain lifestyle.

What was your biggest takeaway from your personal styling experience?

I wasn't as lost as I thought! I just needed some suggestions on what to try next.

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