Mary Ellen's Story

You may recognize Mary Ellen from this very website! She was a guest star on my site's photo shoot (photo credit Romy Suskin), and has become a dear friend over our years of working together.

Mary Ellen, please tell us a little bit about yourself...

My ideal day would include a book, some (Iyengar) yoga, a challenging play, a walk outside, some really great food, being in the same room with art, a wacky animal or two. I work in higher education administration, and my very simple aspiration there is to remove all obstacles so that students and faculty can realize their astounding potential.

What made you decide to hire a personal stylist? What were you struggling with prior to our time together?

I was thrilled to be moving to Austin from San Francisco, but not thrilled to be leaving my favorite climate ever for what I knew would be brutal, energy-sucking, brain-draining heat. I'd be expected to look sharp in my new job; even though I work with artists I want to project a certain amount of authority. How to reconcile professionalism with Texas heat? So I called style 911. It helped that you'd been a social worker. And your personal style proves that you're extremely smart.

What did you love about the process and about working together?

It's always nerve-wracking to really let someone into your closet. But your kindness and humor and matter-of-fact approach made the whole process not only pain-free but the very best kind of education. I'm more confident now in my own ability to find great pieces, but I'll keep calling on you for those things I wouldn't have thought to try otherwise.

What changed for you as a result of our working together? How did our work help solve a problem or shift a mindset about your personal style?

You shattered a number of my fondest assumptions: (1) jeans do not fit me, (2) if I wear a sleeveless shirt I will die, (3) white makes me look even paler. I could go on, but I won't. I learned the miraculous powers of a well-cut jacket. And ... little boots!

If you were to recommend my services to a friend, what would you say about your experience?

I would tell friends and relations that they'll feel immediately comfortable with you. That you'll diagnose which hang-ups are based in reality and which are just silly, but you'll never make THEM feel silly. That you'll find their new favorite pieces. That people will talk. In a good way.

What was your biggest takeaway from your personal styling experience?

As a performer I always understood this on some level, but you've reminded me that what I wear projects my self so clearly. Therefore it's essential to make sure that the way I look aligns with who I want to be.

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