Virtual Closet Analysis

Laurel Kinney - Closet Analysis

Do you have a closet full of clothes, but feel less-than-confident about putting them together into stylish outfits? Let’s get your closet analyzed and diagnosed! I’ll get to know you, your style goals & challenges, and make sense of all the items you love, hate, or are confused by.

This virtual service includes:

  • Style Reflection Worksheets and inspiration prep homework to help you hone in on your goals and inspiration around your personal style
  • A 1 hour virtual consultation via Zoom where you can show me your wardrobe & we can talk out all your burning style questions
  • An interactive digital lookbook where you can upload images of your entire wardrobe and I can create new outfits with what you're already wearing
  • Suggestions about what should stay, be donated/sold, or altered
  • Specific alterations suggestions for beloved items that don’t quite fit correctly

You'll Also Receive:

  • A digital Interactive Lookbook of your newly-created outfits to refer to when getting dressed
  • A shop-able catalog of pieces you can use to inspire & enhance your current wardrobe
  • 2 weeks of style support via email/text/interactive lookbook (it's easy!)

So let’s get started. Schedule your Closet Analysis today!

  • : $425
  • (doesn’t include the price of your clothing purchases)

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