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The Style Shift Workshop

I've made a few changes since the creation of this video! The Style Shift Workshop [as seen on] is now a virtual one on one course, so now we can go at YOUR pace, on YOUR schedule, PLUS you'll get customized guidance and even more support from me! If you have a group in need of style support, scroll down to the bottom for more on my Live Group Training Workshops.

Have you made great strides towards improving your personal, professional, or creative life but left your style behind in the process?

Does your wardrobe feel disconnected from who you are right now (not to mention where you’re going)?

Do you find that when you shop, you’re always ending up with one-off pieces that don’t quite get the wear you expected?

Do you have a closet filled with gems that never see the light of day? Are there some days you just say “eff it, I don’t care!” and put on your same old stretchy pants, leave the house, and feel uncomfortable all day because you don’t really like what you have on?

Well let’s fix that.

Let’s mindfully discover a style that expresses your true self. Let’s learn how to look at the clothes you own differently, select new pieces that inspire and work for you, and discover the outfits you want to put on to go out (and stay out) in.

There’s nothing more wonderful than possessing a style that tells a story about you without words, a style you don’t have to be dismissive of, or second-guess.

That’s why I created the Style Shift Workshop: a virtual course in style discovery.

The Style Shift Workshop will give you the tools you need to pinpoint your own authentic personal style: the style that shouts your most confident message to the world, and the style that makes you excited to get dressed each day. We will customize a style plan to your specific needs, and during each session, you'll receive a new lesson, and support in your style evolution from your partner in style: me!

You'll Learn:

  • How to connect the dots between who you are and what you wear
  • Find your personal style muse

  • How to sort through your closet to unlock its hidden potential and see the specific gaps in your current wardrobe

  • Where exactly to shop for the pieces you need

  • How to shop strategically, thoughtfully, and for items that will showcase your personal message AND your best features

  • My most life-altering styling tricks plus fresh ideas for figuring out your best go-to outfit "formula"

  • Hand-selected items based on your personal style, compiled by me into your very own custom digital lookbook or the option to shop in-person with me in Austin or your hometown (an extra rate which will vary based on location)

Plus, Super Juicy Extras, Like:

  • How to create your Power Outfit so you nail it every time
  • What to wear in front of a group, on camera, or to transition easily from day to night

  • How to stay stylishly put-together when you're keeping it casual (or when it's hot, or when you're on vacation)

  • How to figure out your personal “essentials” list (it’s not what you’d expect)

If you’re ready to take inspired action towards style clarity, ready to leave your sad “whatever” clothes behind, and ready to clearly showcase your real self to the world, let’s go!

Your Style Shift Coaching Experience Includes:

  • 1 free style strategy call to find out if the Style Shift Workshop is right for you
  • 4 one-on-one video calls on self-reflection & inspiration, sorting your closet, strategic shopping, and styling your wardrobe
  • 1-2 email check-ins per week to keep that style a-shifting
  • Access to my easy-to-use Style Shift worksheets designed to help in your sorting, shopping, and styling process
  • Customized Style Tipsheets covering your style challenges (presentations/interviews/dates/tv appearances & more)
  • A custom-created digital lookbook filled with pieces you can click to purchase or shop for on your own
  • My Pinterest-Worthy closet styling tips
  • Accountability, support, and enthusiasm for changing the way you think about your style!

The Style Shift is a Good Fit For You If:

  • You are ready to make a change in your style but aren't exactly sure where to begin
  • You're super into the idea of connecting your inner self to your outer "look"
  • You aren't afraid to put in some time and effort to understanding your style
  • You're ready to take a mindful, hands-on approach to creating a wardrobe you love
  • You appreciate a fun, lighthearted approach to learning, but aren't afraid to go deep
  • You want one on one support while learning the tools you need to move forward independently (& stylishly)

I'm committed to teaching you my process, so you can make it your own. Are you ready to leave frumpy outfits and daily outfit-related self-doubt behind? Are you ready to find your most confidently aligned personal style?

INVESTMENT: $575 (best value) or 3 payments of $195

Let's schedule our Free Style Strategy Call and see if the Style Shift Workshop is right for you!

Style Shift at Work

Do you have a company, business, or group who could benefit from the Style Shift Workshop content? I provide full and half-day live Style Shift Workshops for your meeting, retreat, or company gathering. Each training is custom designed to meet the needs of your group and will provide a fun, educational experience with stylish results that last! Contact me for the details and rates.