Who I am

I grew up in the middle-of-nowhere Maine, where I spent hundreds of snowy days reading fashion magazines, drawing, and dreaming up endless crazy outfits. I was voted “weirdest dressed” in my high school yearbook. I got a degree in psychology at Reed College in Portland and a master’s in social work at Columbia University in New York, where I learned all about what makes people tick, behavior, and the importance of empathy. In Austin I realized I needed more of a creative outlet than social work had to offer, and I discovered the craft of wardrobe consulting & started my personal styling business in 2011. As a personal stylist, my background has made me sensitive to the issues of body image, identity, finances, and anxiety that can sometimes come up during the process. My time as a social worker combined with my well-honed skills for entertaining myself have given me an irreverent sense of humor and the inability to take anything TOO seriously. My approach is always to have the most fun possible while making you feel the best you can possibly feel about the way you dress.