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I want to become a personal stylist. Are you looking for assistants/interns or can I shadow you?

I'm not hiring or looking for interns at this time, and due to time constraints, it's not always possible to answer your email about getting coffee and picking my brain about becoming a personal stylist, HOWEVER, I now offer 1:1 mentoring for personal stylists who are new to the game or have established businesses. We will meet twice month via video chat/phone and you will set the agenda to focus on what support you need most. I have 10 years of experience running a successful styling biz, so I can help you with service structure, pricing, marketing, partnerships, social media, client issues, and more. Contact me to discuss if this is right for you!

Who needs a personal stylist anyway?

My clients are men, women, and businesses, many of whom are stylish, but just find that they are in a little rut, and need some encouragement to try new things, shake things up, or take it up a few notches. Lots of people can benefit from the objective eye I bring to the closet-I can see your pieces in different ways, and mix things up to show you outfits you’ve never seen before. Some folks hate shopping, and I can take all the guesswork and agony out of it for them. I can save you a lot of time by selecting your needed items ahead of time, you just show up and try them on! I am really good at finding the right fit to flatter different body types, so many of my clients learn what kinds of cuts of clothes to shop for in the future. I love working with businesses to build a wardrobe for their staff which reflects the vibe of the room or business message. I also just really love clothes, and can help you love them too!

Why should I hire YOU as opposed to any other personal stylist?

Because I am fun, but also super serious about helping you look your best. I will guide you through the process of discovering the far reaches of your personal style while being sensitive to anything that might come up for you along the way. Having been a social worker for many years, I really have seen it all (or at least quite a damn lot), and I can assure you that you’re not crazy if you cry a little bit or get overwhelmed. I love to shop and will do as much of the dirty work for you as possible (yes, that includes putting the clothes back on the hangers in the dressing room). And maybe most importantly, I understand the importance of snacks.

My style is totally different from yours. Will you find stuff for me that I like, or will you just pick things YOU like?

The very first thing we will do when we meet is talk about what you like to wear, what you feel good wearing, and what you think looks best on you. I will get a very good sense for what your style is from looking at your closet. I will shop for things that I think will fit into your life, your style, and flatter your figure. I might push the boundaries of what you like, I might encourage you to try something new or wouldn’t select for yourself, but I will always choose stuff with what you like wearing in mind. I pick out the shops I go to and the items I select based on YOU, not me. And of course there is never an obligation to buy anything.

I live outside of Austin. Can you come to me or style me from afar?

Heck yes! I will come to you OR we can do a session via Zoom or Skype. I offer Destination Services anywhere in the world, and if you’ve got a few friends who want to get styled, we can split the travel fees amongst the group to keep costs low. I can also meet with you virtually via my Virtual Style Shift Workshop, and create a Lookbook for you to jump-start your new style.

How do I pay you?

Many clients choose to pay when they schedule each session via PayPal. I also take cash, check, or credit card in person, and you can pay in advance (great option if you’re giving a gift) via paypal. Service packages can be broken down into separate payments, as long as the fee is paid in full at the end of our last session. Just let me know what you need and we’ll figure it out.

Do you take commission from the shops you bring clients to?

No. I don’t work with any shops for commissions. I may have relationships with shop owners/salespeople (because I see them all the time), but I don’t financially benefit from anything you purchase.

I only buy things secondhand or vintage. Can you still help me or do you only shop with clients at the mall?

I love helping clients fill their wardrobe with previously-owned items, so if that’s a preference, let’s do it! It might take a little extra time because you can never be sure if it will be a feast or famine day, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve, so it’s definitely doable. Return clients can also hire me for vintage or thrifting shopping trips.

Do you ever offer deals or do trades? I am having a hard time saving up enough money to pay your rate and buy new clothes.

Sign up for my newsletter! That’s how I will let you know about my specials and promotions. I also will offer a lower-cost mini sort & style along with a full shopping session in certain instances, so feel free to ask about this option. I will trade at times with other local businesses, but it's a rarity (I gotta pay the bills)!

My friend really needs a personal stylist. How do I convince her to hire you?

This is a tricky one. Usually hiring a stylist is kind of like quitting smoking. You have to really want it. I am not gonna do that super tough-love ambush style of makeover like on What Not to Wear, BUT you can invite me over to help host a Style Party with your friends in YOUR closet, and see if she bites. I've also had clients hire me after a friend forwards her my newsletter or a blog post, so try that if you think it will take the pressure off!

Can I give your services as a gift?

Again, it’s important that whoever takes part in this process really WANTS it. So if it’s a surprise for someone you think needs it, then I really only feel comfortable selling you The Closet Analysis (a starter service), or a small amount towards a service as a gift. But, if she’s been hinting at wanting the whole service and is definitely committed, then yes, totally!

I like the idea of the whole Sort, Shop, and Style Services, but I only really need help sorting my closet for now. Can I hire you for just the closet part?

Absolutely! Though the process is most effective with all three parts, I would be happy to help sort through your seasonal closet. Check out my Closet Analysis service.

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