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Below are kind words from some of my sweetest clients, but don't just take it from them. Read my reviews on Yelp!

What My Clients Have to Say

"Laurel is freaking awesome. She somehow managed to get through my wreck of a closet and my inability to figure out my own style. She totally nailed it. When we went shopping she picked out things I never would have thought of. I wanted to jump up and down in delight, but I had on these super sexy shoes (that I never would have picked out for myself) and I didn't want to endanger Laurel or myself. I work from home and previously made due with yoga pants and t-shirts for the majority of the time. Now I get up and put on my super cute clothes and feel wonderful all day. Hubby has been totally blown away by "the new me." Laurel is freaking awesome. I know I already said that, but I want to be sure anyone who reads this knows that Laurel is freaking awesome. (She's awesome)." -Caroline

"Laurel is knowledgeable, professional, and very kind, while being honest about what works and what doesn't. We're about half-way through the process – she helped me sort and clear out my closet and then took me shopping to fill in the gaps. Everything she pulled was consistent with what I'd shown her I like. AND, she is so much fun to be with. I'd recommend her to anyone who wants a little help with their wardrobe." -Jodi

"Dressing as I'm getting older is more challenging than before. I see every flaw from knees to obliques and I want my long lean style of my youth (that I knew how to dress) translated for my new shape... When what I wear matches my personality, I feel a glow from head to toe. You immediately saw through to my creative side that hasn't been shined on in a long time. Silly how it took a few pieces of clothing and some really cool shoes to bring out something that had been suppressed." -Julia

"Laurel's session is one of the best gifts I have ever given myself! Frustrated and super unhappy with my closet I decided on getting an expert opinion and that's how I found her. She's fun to work with and she knows what she is doing! Wanting to step out of my comfort zone of boring black and white clothes, I told her I needed some good color combinations. I went to our shopping session not knowing really what to expect and there she was with some great outfits already picked out for me. I never knew I could look that beautiful. For a lazy dresser like me shopping with Laurel was fun, interesting and never knew how the time went by. She left me with some suggestions and a picture collection of what all I could try. Today dressing is more fun and I walk with confidence. I definitely recommend her to anyone who is stuck staring blank at their closet not knowing what to wear! I just can't wait to have another session with Laurel soon!" -Divya

"Laurel is amazing at making you feel at ease. Who wants someone critiquing their personal clothes choices? Well, Laurel makes you feel great about the bad choices! She helped me realize I was wearing clothes too big so I went down two sizes, she added bright colors and short skirts to my line-up. And, with her pictures, I could easily mix and match so many outfits. Plus, she let me know I was spending wayyyy too much on fashion. She knows where to find the best deals and make you look great, in addition." -Nancy

"I used to love fashion, and then one day it turned on me. I went shopping, tried on clothes and just felt horrible. I became shopping phobic. In an attempt to help me out my husband gave me a gift certificate (for Laurel's services). And thank goodness he did! Laurel steered me towards cuts and styles were form flattering on me! Working with her made fashion fun again. One miracle was that she was even able to piece together great outfits from clothes that were already in my closet. Since working with her I have worn so many things that I bought and then could never figure out how to wear. I can't thank or recommend Laurel enough! I plan on scheduling my next session soon." -Felice

"It was a fantastic experience working with you, and I have been having a great time integrating my new pieces, and thinking about my clothes in new and different ways. You also really helped me feel more comfortable in my own skin/clothes, for the first time in several years, so I can't thank you enough for that. Overall, I had a really fantastic time." -Laura

"Thank you SO much for everything. I'm loving my newly-streamlined wardrobe, and I'm having an amazing time wearing all of the awesome new pieces you chose for me! Getting dressed in the morning is no longer a 30-45 minute exercise in frustration – it's a simple pleasure. I walk out the door each day feeling confident that I look great – a welcome change from just a few weeks ago!" -Cari

"I am so grateful I found Laurel! She went through my closet and confirmed that I had all the basic neutrals covered, but also saw hope. Shopping was the greatest experience. She pulled items and clothes I never would have thought looked good on me, and much to my surprise, I found a whole new way of thinking about my body and what looks good on me...All of my new clothes were great, and the way she found ways to work with my old stuff was even more wonderful! Everything in my closet is useful now. I have received so many complements from my colleagues and friends. Even a random guy in an elevator told me, "you're looking pretty fresh." Thank you Laurel for being such a great person and really helping people feel good about themselves. You brought out a new side of me and I now have a "style"! I can't wait to go shopping with you again!" -Sara

"Laurel's own cute and savvy looks say it all, but I’ll try my hand with words: To say she has a great eye for style and fashion is an understatement. She can transform an outfit from bland to sassy to chic to smart to rock star-the same outfit! In mere minutes! It’s seriously like magic. I hate shopping, and she made it fun. She makes 35 the new 25." -Lacie

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