Virtual Sort, Shop, & Style

You know that what you wear is important, but you’re uninspired by what you see in your closet each day. You resent that the fashion industry doesn't seem to reflect a version of style that you relate to, and you're wanting a wardrobe that is aligned with your ethics as well as your figure and personality. You’re not even sure what your personal style is anymore, and you definitely don't know how to start to find it. Your priorities have changed in the past 6 months, and you want your clothes to reflect who you are now, but you struggle to find things that feel right or fit correctly, and you seriously hate shopping, especially online. You want to try new things, but you get overwhelmed with all the options, and you’re worried about looking too young, too old, or as if you’re trying too hard. You just want to feel comfortable, confident, and stylish in what you’re wearing every single day.

Enter: your personal style coach...

The Virtual Sort Shop & Style is a comprehensive one on one virtual service designed to help you hone in on what's truly important to you so that you can develop your style intuition, see yourself more clearly, and express your inner self via your wardrobe. As your style coach, I will help you reflect on who you are and where you're going, make connections between your beliefs & values with what inspires you visually, and help you locate the clothing that will make your style come alive. I value comfort, sustainability, versatility, and marching to your own drum, so no cookie-cutter trend-heavy wardrobes here, just the pieces that work for your unique life. We will find your style, your outfit formulas, and gather everything together in your easy to access digital lookbook.

Step 1: Reflect & Sort

1-2 Hours

I'll send you some prep work to help you get clear on your values, goals, and style inspiration. We'll meet via Zoom in your closet, where you’ll get a relaxed, in-depth wardrobe consultation. I will take a look at what you've been wearing, and you can try things on so I can see how everything fits. I’ll help you determine what can be kept, altered, or donated. Through this process, I’ll build a shopping list for you and help you set some realistic style goals.

Step 2: Digital Shopping

1-2 Hours

Shopping is fun when you don’t really have to “shop!” I will curate a digital shopping board filled with pieces that fit your budget and style, and we will begin our process of online shopping "together." We will meet via Zoom to discuss the shopping board, talk through the details of why I chose the pieces for you, and help you fill those shopping baskets with items you're pumped about. Online shopping is overwhelming, so I'll hold your hand through this process as much as you need.

Step 3: Digital Outfit Styling

1-2 hours

Once your items arrive, we will have final Zoom session to try your pieces on, put together ways to wear them, and get clear on any remaining gaps. You'll upload all of your new and old pieces to your very own digital closet, and from there I will create a month's worth of outfit combinations for you to try. I will create outfits for each area of your life you need to dress for: Zoom meetings, lounge, athleisure, date night, etc, so you feel 100% outfitted for your real life NOW.

  • : You’ll receive a Digital Interactive Lookbook with your fully accessorized outfits for easy reference, and you'll qualify for reduced rates for any future digital shopping board updates. You will have access to my exclusive at-home tailor (in the Austin area) for any needed alterations. What’s more, you will feel like a confident, more stylish version of yourself. Your clothing will fit, and you will know exactly what to wear and how to wear it. You can enter your closet and know that it’s only filled with things that look great on you, and you will know exactly who to call if you ever get stuck!
  • : $1200 or 3 payments of $400
  • (doesn’t include the price of your clothing purchases)
  • Add on an extra round of digital shopping finds for $350

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