2023 Closet Resolutions

Once again we find ourselves back at the beginning of a New Year, poised as we tend to be, staring down at a fresh calendar, perhaps promising ourselves that "this year it will be different." We love to use the clock turning to January 1 as a way to mark the passage of time and plan ahead to maybe mitigate some of last year's foibles. Or, if you're like me, you think about it for 10 minutes and later remember that you lost sight of your intentions around week 2 of the New Year & decide this is the year you remember to be intentional again!

Whatever your approach to the New Year may be, our closets can often be a window into how things are for you RIGHT NOW. Do you think of your closet as a sanctuary for your own creativity and self-care, or is it a confusing jungle of various sizes & styles that you have to hack through each day in order to pull out the same 3 boring outfits despite the volume of actual clothing? Do you feel energized and excited when you think about what you will wear today or does visiting your closet feel like a trip to a mausoleum of past lives that no longer resonate for you?

Closet Neurosis?

Do your feelings about the state of your wardrobe correlate with how you feel about any other areas of your life? I have always thought it was beyond interesting just how much of a window into our souls our closets can be, or for most of us, a window into our neuroses.

You may be wracked with guilt over having "let your closet go," not having worn what you've purchased, or keeping things that don't fit, or that you no longer need. Maybe you punish yourself to repent, forcing yourself to stare at clothes that don't fit each morning, or by wearing the things you spent money on even though you don't like them. Perhaps you fear the unknown just a tad, or have a touch of paralyzing perfectionism which prevents you from letting some of the things that you've amassed go. It could be that you've gotten comfortable with the discomfort of your closet. How the heck do you get unstuck from the heavy weight of Closet Neurosis?

Knowing Thyself is Key

Ok it shouldn't take you more than 3 seconds to google about a million tips for closet sorting on your own (plus I have linked a fun article I did with Apartment Therapy above). So I won't bore you with how to determine if something brings you joy or is a "classic must-have piece" because no list generated by me or anyone else can truly tell you exactly how your closet should look and feel. That's because much like your unique and hard-won neurosis, your style should function as a reflection of your particular personality.

Of course that's easy for me to say, right? Well, I invite you to do a little personal reflection before you become immersed in the act of pile-making and donation-bagging. Take a step back from your closet and write down a list of words that resonate for you--they could be about your personality: "exuberant", "brainy", "laid-back." Or they could be words that make you feel inspired: "spaciousness," "current," "immersed." Now look at the 3 outfits you wear the most and list the words you think of when you see or imagine these outfits. Do any of the words correlate? What would an outfit that expresses those words look like to you? You might have to do some googling or pinning, but trust me. There's some juicy info here.

Future Fantasy Now

Have you gotten the feeling that maybe with a little intention and focus you might be able to not only see your current neurotic closet tendencies more clearly, but envision a future world in which you might conquer them and step into a more fully realized version of yourself? Once you've begun the work of collecting words and images that resonate and then begin the practice of holding them up against your current wardrobe, you can begin to see which pieces work, can be let go of, and where the gaps to be filled live.

Of course if this practice still sounds daunting and you're apprehensive about wading through the mire of your wardrobe alone, I am here for you. I've been sorting closets for more than a decade and can usually have your entire closet sorted, bagged up, and a shopping list made for future more-aligned purchases within 2 hours. I'm here to listen to where that beloved t-shirt came from, how that sequined dress makes you feel, and to help you let go of the sweater that your ex gave you 8 years ago & only reminds you of personal angst.