Once again we find ourselves back at the beginning of a New Year, poised as we tend to be, staring down at a fresh calendar, perhaps promising ourselves that "this year it will be different." We love to use the clock turning to January 1 as a way to mark the passage of time and plan ahead to maybe mitigate some of last year's foibles. Or, if you're like me, you think about it for 10 minutes and later remember that you lost sight of your...


It seems like every time I sit down to write one of these notes to you, it turns into a personal essay, I feel a little bit exposed when I hit send, and a lot of people unsubscribe who probably just want more straightforward style adivce. So this morning I thought, "ok Laurel, just be concise for once in your life!' ...but then I got to thinking about the book I'm reading, Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach, and I'm pretty sure this...


Shortly after my last relationship ended now more than 2 years ago, I clearly recall walking Sam and Penny up the hill in my Austin neighborhood, noticing the quiet around me, and following the tunnel of my own thoughts as deeply as I could go. Two things became clear to me in that moment: I hadn't allowed myself to study the insides of my own heart in a very long time, and what it felt like deep inside was totally empty. Woah, right?...


As detailed over the past several months, earlier this summer I had a grief-induced breakdown which led me to the mountains of New Mexico. I found comfort being back in nature again, with my family, and away from the glaring obviousness of how much has changed for me personally & professionally since March.

I haven’t felt super engaged by the “fashion industry” for some time. I don’t like to browse shops for fun or read fashion...


This year has essentially been one long lesson in relinquishing control, shifting our modes of operation, and figuring out how to rebuild again. I asked y'all on Instagram what you've been letting go of in 2020 and I got a slew of juicy responses, everything from misaligned partnerships to paychecks, but the most resounding answer you're letting go of is perfectionsim, and the idea...


I spent the summer before my junior year of high school in the wilderness of northern California, one of 6 kids volunteering to do trail maintenance. We lived in tents, made the same meals over and over (which consisted of food carried in to us on mules every other week), bathed in a stream after bears destroyed our sunshowers on the first day, and got grimier & grimier until I thought I was super tan, but it was just dirt. I had no idea...


Hello from Taos, NM, where I've escaped the uptick of Corona cases, boiling temperatures, and the same four walls I've been staring at for over 100 days in Austin. I've been spending time in nature, with my family, and as I've been telling my friends back home, "crying somewhere else."

I'm positive I'm not the only one who's had a rough few months. The whole world seems to be in one phase of collective grief or another. The past 30...

alyss style story).png

Here's a fun new blog series for ya! I asked several of my clients 3 quick questions after they completed their styling services, and I'm going to post the answers here!

Meet Alyss, Sort Shop & Style client from Austin, TX

You can find her on IG at: @preciselyalyss

dating style.png

Well so...This year has flown by in a blur, right? Someone called me out for not having posted a blog to my website in almost a year, and I couldn't believe it until I went over there and looked. I have been wanting to update y'all but it's seriously been all I can do to keep up with my clients here & on the west coast, the Style Shift Workshop, the new IGTV series I've created &...


Fall updates 2019 + "Hey, I still blog!"


Well, here we go again with another long-awaited post. 3 months is a rather long pause for me between notes, but it's been a spectacularly challenging 3 months, y'all! Those of you who have worked with me this fall know that my 6-year relationship has ended, and it's been difficult balancing my responsibilities as a business owner with the need to process my grief, and get used to a whole new routine (#singledogmomlyfe). To those of you who...

Cold Weather Comfy Shoes.png

While cold is a relative term around these parts, comfort is not. And when seeking out new shoes, finding a comfortable pair is certainly a high priority for us all. Whether you're a dog walker, a desk dweller or somewhere in between no sacrifices need be made in order to suit your setting and your barkin' dogs. (And I don't mean Sam & Penny).

Fall Jackets 2018.png

It's that time of year again here in Austin where we all start to stare longingly at our jackets while the rest of the world, at last, dips into their favorite long-sleeved sidekicks. Where our morning routines start strong with the thought that today just might finally be the day we justify a jacket! Forget the Instagram stories, show me the weather report! Alas, mid-September in Texas proves yet a hair too hot for actually needing...


Every time I sit down to write another post I think, "oh wow! so much has happened since my last entry!" But I guess this is what happens when your manifested expansion just goes nuts and takes you to all these new places. But there's a dark side, people, and that's what I've been grappling with the past few weeks as I try to settle into some new routines after running myself ragged trying to catch up after all this travel, PLUS launch a few...

Mom-Friendly Layers.png

Happy Mother's Day! In the spirit of Mother's Day we bring you this Postpartum P.S.A: Just because you're nursing or working off a little baby weight doesn't mean you should confine your current wardrobe to brands strictly devoted to your newfound Motherhood! I'm no Mom, but with so many fleeting trends on the market who's to say that "oversized, button-up, 'Boyfriend' tunic" isn't also a "nursing-friendly, 'New Mom' tunic"?



When jumpsuits made a serious comeback in 2014 I was hooked. What could be better than only needing to choose *one* item of clothing and still ending up with a complete outfit? The answer is nothing. Nothing. A girl knows no greater freedom than a bedtime, thought-downloading routine that doesn't include the phrase, "What am I going to wear tomorrow?" (...Because you're wearing your jumpsuit, that's what!) And although your first...

Spring%2FSummer Layers (1).png

I have a serious affinity for the bizzare-o temps that come with Spring having sprung here in Austin. 75-to-80-something during the day, then back down into the 50's at night. What a treat! ...And perhaps also a dilemma for those of us that keep our schedules rolling from work to play without missing a beat. It seems reasonable to ditch the jacket by day, but oh how quickly the tables turn when the sun goes down and you're halfway through...

Flats That Don't Suck!.png

Spring is here and it's time to consider your summer footwear! I have been doing away with most heels lately, and I know for a FACT that most of you require comfortable footwear too (though this non-flat shoe is still a perennial client favorite), so I wanted to devote a post to flats that aren't stupid!

As you may recall, the flats of yesteryear have been...


Well well well it's been a few since I sent my last style lovenote to you, and I suppose my excuse is that I've been busy making and completing goals (montly blog goal, check!) in the midst of my busiest January to date.

This year is all about channeling my energy towards expansion, and I'm excited to finally tell y'all about it today, because it's not exactly what you might expect, but it's definitely going...



delegating your style (1).png

Do you keep to-do lists? Have you ever looked at each item on that list and really thought about whether you have the actual capacity to get it done? I've been reflecting on my business lately, making lists, and really trying to parse apart the tasks I really love doing from those I have zero desire for, and then creating a "stuff I WOULD do if I got the rest of this crap done" list.

The idea of delegating any part of my...

capsule styling service.png

Do you waste a lot of time and money shopping for clothes, only to end up wearing a whopping 30% of what's inside your closet? Do you have a style hangover from years of fast-fashion consumption that has left you feeling gross, broke, and empty inside? Are you in a place in your life where you're more interested in investing in long-lasting, quality items you can wear again and again?

As many of you awesome readers know, I've been...

capsule (1).png

I can't tell you how overjoyed I am by the enthusiasm y'all have shared about creating a Capsule Wardrobe! My last letter detailed the life-changing realizations about my personal style that came as a result of distilling my wardrobe down to just 40 pieces (hint: deeper insight into what fits/flatters/vibes with me AND smarter shopping habits....


Unless you've been living an internet-free existance for the past 3 years, you have likely heard of the capsule wardrobe trend. The term was coined in the 70s by boutique owner Susie Faux, who liked the idea of having just a few interchangeable classic pieces that can be worn in numerous different combinations. And then fast-fashion came around, and we got completely consumed by needing new stuff all the time, which has left a lot of us...


Whether I find out from you in person, during a free consult, or on my intake form, many of you claim to HATE SHOPPING. Like, with the passion of 300 opera singers. You hate the trying clothes on part (and some of you even skip this altogether), you hate the hunt, you hate the lighting in the dressing room, you hate the pushy salespeople, and you also really hate...

I don't have a style.png

I have a question on my new client intake form which asks you to explain your current style. I get a lot of casuals, comfortables, and sale nook of Anthro meets Lofts, but recently I've also gotten a lot of "no style at all"s. What? No style AT ALL?

That's right. A lot of you have been wearing clothes,...


Winter is always an interesting month around here. Typically, it's a cold and slow one, and I use the month to disconnect, hunker down, and do my taxes. But this year I created and provided a 4-hour Live Style Shift Workshop, sorted, shopped & styled, hired a bookkeeper, and it's 80 degrees outside, so...


I don't know about you guys, but for me the holidays can be rather exhausting! There are always last-minute parties, family, friend, and work gatherings to dress for, plus seemingly endless amounts of snacks and drinks. If you're not usually a party animal (or have dietary restrictions) the holidays can be particularly stressful, so that's why this month I'm going to share with you some of my easy style hacks for getting through the...


Feel that chill in the air? I do, and I have the turtleneck on to prove it! The cool air has finally blown into Texas, and this means it's legit time to evaluate our wardrobes, as sweater weather is actually becoming a reality. The urge to go out and buy a ton of long sleeves is REAL, but let's hold our horses and consider the brevity of the season before we go crazy, shall we?

Because I field multiple questions about what clothes...

datestyle.png've got a date! Maybe it's with someone you already know is going back home with you, or maybe it's a 3rd encounter or internet-sourced first date. Either way, a date is a fun excuse to step up your style game and get yourself into something a little flirty, romantic, or extra-touchable.

Of course if this is a date with someone new, your nerves are going to be on high, but fear not. I've got some super-easy tips for...

fall forward.png

Oh boy, the first fall breezes are finally blowing through, which can only mean one thing: pumpkin lattes!...Or, you can use this change in season to sit back and reflect on who you might want to be this fall. Are you seriously buckling down to take your career someplace new? Do you want to spend a little more time focusing on your relationships? Are you looking inward? Well, of course your wardrobe should reflect these intentions!...

Style Past.png

Style is one of those things you can trust will probably change over time. I always say that your style shouldn't be just one thing since you aren't just one thing, however, your style shouldn't stagnate either (that's gross). But that's not to say the things you used to love have to disappear forever. It's a fun practice to look back at the styles we used to wear, not only to have a giggle, but to get re-inspired...


Since May, I've been on 5 out-of-state trips. Some work, some play, all involving air travel. I know it sounds like I'm about to give you some sweet suitcase-packing tips, but sorry, I'll leave that to the hundreds of other blog posts on that topic. All this travel has helped me to see how our style can deepen an shift through a change in environment, not only in a logistical sense but also in the gathering of inspiration and heightened...


First of all, thanks to everyone for their support as I launched my Style Shift Workshop! It was really scary putting myself out there like that, but it turned out to be totally worth it! We're halfway through the 4-week program and it's been really exciting to watch the group of 12 discover the style that makes them feel alive. Woo hoo! Anyway, thanks for hanging...


This week I'm celebrating A LOT! Not only have I survived being an entreprenuer and a business owner for 6 years this month, but I also have committed to growing my business by finally hiring an assistant AND by launching something really cool. To kick it off I hosted my very first live training call and reached nearly 200 people!!...


You've heard people say a zillion times to "fake it til you make it," or to "dress for the job you want," but what happens if dressing this way feels like lying? Or what happens when you have made it, or got the job you want? Are you still being yourself when you put on those fake-it clothes? Do you have a wardrobe that pushes you to honestly express who you are, throughout every sticky situation in life?...


No matter how self-aware, self-expressed, and self-confident we are, there are still some sticky pernicious thoughts & feelings that can come up when we start thinking about style. A lot of these "style myths" rear their heads when we make a big change or try something new, and can originate from our histories, our family & friends, or the media.

Most of my clients come with a readiness to prioritize their personal style, but...


It's spring of course, and the turn of a season is a good time to think about change, but what happens if YOU are the one changing? Maybe you've got a brand new baby, or a new career venture, or perhaps a break up or divorce happens. What if the change is internally complicated, like finally getting over something that's been holding you back, doing hard work around forgiveness, or becoming otherwise enlightened?...


There's this phenomenon I learned early on when I first started styling (6 YEARS ago, whoah) where someone will have this one really nice item in her closet. I'll notice it and say, "oh it's really nice!" and ask what she wears it with. More times than not she'll say "oh I've never worn it, it's too nice." WHAT?

I've already broken down some the pieces we tend...


My last post described ways we can start prioritizing our style, but I didn't go too deep into why we might be avoiding it in the first place. There are lots of reasons we slip into our personal style ruts, and not all of them are crazy dramatic. Sometimes we just wake up and realize that we've been wearing the same cardigan-over-top iteration for 10 years, or sometimes we see a stylish person on the street who makes us wonder if we could...


Recently, I've been hearing from a lot of people who struggle to prioritize the little things, stuff like alone time, eating well, exercise, and getting dressed, of course. It's difficult to prioritize your wardrobe, especially if you've been waiting to lose that pesky 5lbs, or to get that windfall of cash to buy some new clothes. Recently a client told me that she'd like to have outfits she feels good enough in to inspire her to stay out...


Last week I had the incredible opportunity to go on a retreat for the matermind program I'm a part of in Petaluma, California. During this 3-day gathering, I was able to connect with a group of female entreprenuers who are all determined to increase their visibility in a powerful way this year. For me, this means offering a dynamic new service (more on that soon), as...


Do you have a resolution? I don't. This year I'm keeping a word or a manta in mind as I go about my regluar ole life. A word that keeps me focused and helps me to push along towards my more concrete goals (like keeping an editorial calendar and booking more speaking gigs).

I didn't think long before coming up with PRESENCE as my word for 2016. It's got multiple meanings for me: remaining present in the moment and embodying a...


Are you feeling chilly? I just thought I would pop over and share a few of my favorite sweaters. Most of them are on sale, and most of them are going fast, so act quickly if they still have your size in stock. I'm loving the plaid, mixed media, and rich colors I'm seeing this season, and think most are super easy to dress up with a skirt & heels, or down with...


This month I am excited to reflect on what has been an amazing 2015! I got to spend an entire year doing exactly what I love: helping people to discover their most confident style. I consider myself so very lucky to have shared this year with many of you.

When I think about next year I get even MORE excited. I'm looking forward to more travel and new services that will help people all over the world (yes, WORLD!) discover the style...


Lately I've noticed that everyone is really into the idea of a capsule wardrobe: a paired down wardrobe consisting of just a few items that all go together in multiple ways. To me, this is an old idea with a new-sounding name (and maybe a few more rules). Making sure each new item brought into the wardrobe is versatile enough to dress up or down, layer with across seasons, and be worn in several different settings is my M.O (see...

closet sort.png

If you're like me, you're probably dying for a weather pattern shift. It's OCTOBER for crying out loud! While fall might be taking it's sweet time to get here, I'm getting clients (and myself) prepared by doing the old closet switcheroo--you know, moving out the eyelet and sundresses to make room for the cozy sweaters and scarves.

It's tempting to just put your current summer stuff away and just move last year's loot back into it's...


This summer, I had the unfortunate and time-consuming experience of developing a bulging disc. That's basically a fancy term for persistent back pain, something that limited my choice in footwear to flat sandals and sneakers. For someone who loves a little heel (ouch) and a little boot (too hot), this was quite a challenge to maintain.

Lucky for you guys, though, I quelled my longing by researching all the new boots coming out this...


"When I shop I always....get overwhelmed! Buy the same thing every time! Leave empty-handed!" Yep, these struggles are real, people. Shopping habits are hard to break, and can have a huge effect on your closet. You know that feeling of having nothing to wear in the morning? It can probably be traced to some type of shopping misfire or malady.

This week, I'm sharing three shopping behavioral traits, how they effect your wardrobe, and...


I know for a fact that most of you are really into the idea of cultivating a personal style that's devoid of any trace of desperation. You don't want to look like you're trying too hard to look younger than you are, so you're a little hesitant when it comes to wearing new trends. However, you still want to look current and modern, so it seems like being somewhat trendy is the only answer.

So which trends can you choose this fall that...


A while back, I asked my newsletter subscribers to shoot me some style questions they'd like to see answered. I got a bunch of awesome responses, and one I think everyone could benefit from this time of year is "what to wear when you're obviously going to sweat?"

Here's the thing: we are all human beings and unless you're super dehydrated, you're probably going to get sweaty, if only from schlepping yourself from the car to the AC...

-I've only worn this once!-.png

I've seen a lot of closets, my friends. Big closets, tiny closets, and everything in between. There are lots of things we all have in common: a tendency to wear the same things on repeat, purchase in multiples, or buy stuff and not wear it. So knowing we all share a few closet habits, today I'll discuss a few of the things we end up NOT wearing, and why.

While I am all for trying new things, being bold, and finding the pieces that...

summer style rut.png

It's here, it's here! The heat has arrived. Last month I discussed what to wear to work in the warm-weather, so this month I thought I would take it down a notch and share my favorite pieces for more casual/trendy outfits. If you're already getting a little bored of your warm-weather uniform of shorts and a t-shirt this newsletter is for you.

I'd love to turn my...


With the onset of warmer temperatures, a new crop of wardrobe challenges present themselves, especially when dressing for work. While it would be pretty sweet to jet off to the shore and wear next to nothing all summer long (props to those who do!), many of us still have to show up and look sharp.

But what to wear when it's too hot to layer and you'd rather be in the ocean than at the office? This month, I'm sharing lightweight,...


Wedding season is upon us! So what will you wear this year? I am all for recycling the same dress over a few different weddings, but I think you should make it a dress you love to wear, and why not a super unique, super YOU dress (or outfit)? If you want to wear it several times over the summer, it's also got to be comfortable. No one loves being too hot and pulling at their outfit all evening.

This week, I've collected my favorite...


Getting up and talking in front of a group can be terrifying and empowering all at once, but getting yourself ready that morning brings its own conflicting feelings. Do I wear a suit? How much skin is too much skin? Am I too "out there?"

I'm going to try to break it down for you today and share my favorite tricks for dressing for a podium, interview, or just a super important meeting. If you wear something that makes you feel...


Springtime means party time for a lot of us, which is fun, but can also be challenging and hectic. Often you will be asked to dress according to a theme, and you'll wait til the last minute to run to the store where you likely will buy the first one that seems to fit your body and theme. You wear the dress and even if you spent a lot of money on it, chances are you probably don't absolutely love your last-minute find.

This week, I've...


Last month I wrote about wearable trends to try this season, and as many of you know, I am a firm believer in being wise when it comes to spending money on trends. It's best to try out something lower-end before investing if you're not sure the style will be something you'll want to wear forever. However, there are a few things that are probably here to stay, and are worth shelling out a little more for if you know you'll wear the heck out...


Some of you may be on vacation, others enjoying some SXSW festivities, and several us are working while trying to do one or the other. BUT it's just one wild week and then it's back to reality, and summer will be here before you know it! YIKES!

This week, I want to share some pieces you can snatch up now; pieces you'll want to wear throughout the spring and AC-drenched summer that won't last for much longer in the stores. These...

simplify your spring

Spring is a great time to re-evaluate, cleanse, and simplify! There's no better way to do this (as far as I am concerned) than by starting with your closet. However, spring in Austin is a super busy time, jam-packed with events and commitments and more than a few parties. Lucky for you, I have written a couple articles around the web this spring that will help you create simplicity within your busy schedule by streamlining your wardrobe so...

austin personal stylist

One of the main reasons I love being a personal stylist is because I get to connect with some really interesting, fun, smart people. Hanging with y'all a big reason that my job doesn't feel like work much of the time. Since I used to be a social worker, the connection factor is an important element of my business, and truly the reason I had the nerve to change my career in the first place.

Over the years, as I've gotten to know some...

lingerie guide

Happy Valentine's Day! I thought I would share some fun under-the-clothing inspiration this week in celebration of this underwear-oriented holiday. What you wear under your clothes is extremely important, after all, because your bra and panties are the foundation for everything else. If your bra doesn't do what it's supposed to, your clothing wont fit correctly, and there's no point to that awesome dress or top!

The following is by...


I think it's weird that February is supposed to be this month of romance. I mean, when I think romance, I don't really think of huge winter coats and freezing my butt off. But hey, maybe you've got a hot date this month and want to look sexy, or maybe you just want to look sexy for YOURSELF and see what happens! Either way, I fully support adding a little spring into your step (springy steps increase your body heat) this winter by snazzing...


I've always thought guys have it easy--they can get away with owning 2 pairs of pants and one jacket most of the time. They have fewer choices to make every day (no wondering if this shirt goes with that skirt). They can wave away criticism with a "I don't know anything about fashion" comment. But I have discovered over time that men actually DO care about what they're wearing, they just aren't sure how to go about making a change that...

why guys need personal stylists.jpg

Since it's Man Month over here, I'm going to address the very specific needs of the male dresser. Besides, surely you must KNOW a man or two, and perhaps some of this will ring true.

January is the perfect time to re-evaluate your past year and look forward to the next, and the wardrobe can easily fit in here. It sure is nice to get that pesky clothes shopping thing out of the way, and think about what's going right and what's...


I'm calling January MAN MONTH because it's an awesome time for guys to stock up on new clothes for the rest of the winter. I've discovered that many men don't particularly enjoy shopping for clothes for a myriad of reasons, so January's quiet shops and super sales can be quite enticing. But what exactly should you buy this month? Well, here are some easy-to-find options that might actually push you to try something new this year. Let's...

postpartum fashion tips

January often means resolution time, and most of you probably decided to take care of some fitness activity you've been procrastinating. I'm all for feeling good right now, so this week I'll show you some easy tricks for dressing around the belly you'd rather hide so you can look stylish and put together while you work towards your goals. Feeling stylish and attractive seems to help the process, I've discovered, and whether you've been...

stylish holiday break ideas

I wanted to take a moment to say happy holidays to you all, and to thank everyone for being a part of what's become my business' biggest year yet! When I wrote out my goals for 2014 at the beginning of the year, I could never have anticiapted how much would change for me, and I truly appreciate your being along for the ride.

I hope you have a super holiday season, and if you're getting a little time off, I thought I would share a few...

let's get comfy

Let's get real for a minute: most of us spend about 5% of our time all dressed up, even though it's the holidays. So why not get excited about the glories of true holiday dressing: comfortable lounging outfits!

Nowadays, fashion is actually trending towards the comfortable, so it makes much more sense to spend your time and money looking good in your realistic, everyday, comfy-as-heck clothes, right? It doesn't have to be all hoodies...


If you're like me, the onset of the holiday season comes with a mixture of giddiness and dread. While I love the whole hang out with your loved ones and eat lots of turkey part, the whole getting ready for 55 obligatory dressy occasions can be really stressful. Luckily, there are a few easy tricks you can employ to make getting dressed slightly less nightmarish, in fact, maybe even fun!

To me, the key this year is to find a few of...