What are you afraid of?

Every time I sit down to write another post I think, "oh wow! so much has happened since my last entry!" But I guess this is what happens when your manifested expansion just goes nuts and takes you to all these new places. But there's a dark side, people, and that's what I've been grappling with the past few weeks as I try to settle into some new routines after running myself ragged trying to catch up after all this travel, PLUS launch a few new (kinda huge) projects this fall, so stay tuned for more on that.

Whenever I find myself overwhelmed, I try to think about what fears might be getting in the way of my expansion. Sometimes it's as simple as the pure discomfort I derive from disappointing anyone, or the fear that saying no means closing the door on a potentially lucrative opportunity. Thinking about fear has made me curious to find out what YOU struggle with, especially when it comes to your style, but also when it comes to hiring a personal stylist. I took to Instagram to find out what y'all think, and I'm excited to share the results, as putting our fears out there tends to dissolve some of their power, and being a bit fearless is what we all need in order to really expand, right?

You're afraid to invest

When I asked you to tell me why you've considered hiring a personal stylist but haven't taken the plunge, the most common answer was around the cost. For sure this is a barrier, because it's not cheap to hire an expert, or to purchase quality clothing that will last, but it's also something that helps make the process more meaningful. In my experience, when you invest in something, you're setting yourself up to receive value.

Say you buy tickets to a show, you're probably going to show up for that show in order to get your money's worth, right? But if the show is free, you might be more likely to cancel (I do this all the time!). Investing in something imbues it with importance. When you invest in your style, you're setting yourself up to get something out of it. My services aren't cheap because the results are valuable, and I want you to really show up and get the most from our time together. That said, I work with each and every one of my clients to find a strategy for shopping that works within your budget so that you're getting the highest quality possible and making the best decisions with how you spend your money. We strategize so that you don't waste any more money on clothing that doesn't work for you. Besides, I've heard from enough disgruntled clearance rack shoppers to know that just because it's a great deal doesn't make it right for you.

You're afraid I wont "get you"

Several of you expressed fear around your specific style challenges, particularly sizing. How could a person who is not (plus size, petite, super-tall, not a man) understand your specific needs enough to show you all the best options for your frame? That's the difference between enlisting a pal and hiring an expert, friends. It's my job to understand your specific proportion, silhouette, and personal proclivities so that I can show you all the options that might work. I ask you lots of questions and I study the clothes that you own in order to examine what works/doesn't work, and uncover the gaps that might exist in your wardrobe. When you have been a specific size for a long time, you probably DO know most of the resources out there for you, but you may struggle to mix things up, create more outfits with what you have, or need some help breaking out of your comfort zone with accessories.

Working with multiple body types and styles keeps things fun and interesting for me, and I've learned that creating flattering proportions, using alterations to get the perfect fit, and honing in on the specific pieces that can be mixed and matched multiple ways is where the magic is, and this has nothing to do with your size. Besides, wouldn't you like to offload your struggle to find the perfect-fitting wardrobe to someone else so you can stop worrying about it?

Stranger Danger

Some of you are simply afraid to invite a stranger into your closet. You're afraid I'm comparing your closet to other client's closets, that I think your choices are silly, and that I'm judging your style. Even though I am aware of these fears, as most of my clients admit that they're anxious before I make my first visit, I rarely share in this anxiety, which I think serves us both well in dissolving the stranger danger effect.

After years of making home visits as a hospice social worker, every time I visit a closet I am just so happy to be talking about your wardrobe and not your end of life plans! No seriously, I typically set each of my clients at ease by getting your pets excited, making you laugh at something dumb I just did (like the time I accidentally went to the wrong house), and just showing you that I'm there to help you, not judge you. When I'm in your closet, I am focusing on what might make you feel more confident & empowered, where the gaps are, and I'm getting super excited to fill them with things that will make your style & overall life better. I'm not going home later to gossip about the overabundance of whatever you perceive is wrong with your wardrobe, I'm thinking of the opportunities I have to give you an awesome experience. I might talk about how cute your dogs were, though :)

Still have unresolved fears?

No one said this style stuff was easy, but what valuable effort in life is? So if you're ready to fearlessly attack your personal style this fall, and crave the support of an expert who is focused on you getting actual results, let's schedule a call together! I'd love to hear more about you, your style, and see if we can create a partnership in wardrobe elevation. We can discuss your fears around budget, size options, and any other anxieties you may have in order to figure out a plan that works for you. I'm not afraid of anything you hurl my way when it comes to your style!