Wardrobe Wisdom / Going Deep

Last week I had the incredible opportunity to go on a retreat for the matermind program I'm a part of in Petaluma, California. During this 3-day gathering, I was able to connect with a group of female entreprenuers who are all determined to increase their visibility in a powerful way this year. For me, this means offering a dynamic new service (more on that soon), as well as going deep into why I do what I do, and what truly gets me feeling fired up & creative when I'm being of service. For you that means having a guide who is very clear on the power of style & the ways it can change you!

So this week I want to share what I learned and how it can relate to all of us as we examine our relationship to our style. Let's go a little deep together, shall we? Yay!

Don't be Afraid to be Seen

Being seen for who you really are is no easy feat! It involves really getting to know yourself and diving into the juicy stuff that often, sadly, gets neglected. When you explore how you really want people to see you, it can inspire you to start embodying the part via your wardrobe, which helps speed up the process. So think about it: what really gets you jazzed? What do you want to be noticed for? Then, take a peek at your closet. Do your clothes exude the same kind of qualities you want to be noticed for? If you want to be seen for the magical person that you are, your style can truly play an integral part in the expression.

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Acknowledging Weakness

Did you discover clothing in your closet that felt misaligned with your personal message? Figuring out where your weaknesses lie is another tricky subject that's all too easy to avoid. For a while, my wardrobe weakness was valuing comfort over sharpness, when I wanted my clothes to speak more confidently for me. Perhaps your weakness is for sale items that don't really tell a story (but are such a great deal!!) or perhaps it's not really having the time to devote to keeping up with your wardrobe at all, resulting a mish mash of last-minute overpriced impulse purchases. Either way, figuring out where you're misaligned & acknowledging it is the first step to solving the imbalance.

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Support is Key

For me, finding a group of like-minded women was key to getting to a place where I could be open and vulnerable and really explore my weaknesses and passions. We all tend to thrive when we have a trusted confidant, or some gentle accountability to help us towards change. Maybe you've got a friend you can call on to share how he or she sees you in the world, or a style-savvy pal who can tell you if your outfit looks "YOU" or not. My mission is to provide a safe place of support to those ready to explore who they are through style, and I'm so grateful to do this work!

If you're ready to step into who you really are through your personal style, let's have a chat! Sign up for a free, no-strings-attached style consultation with me today.