Style is Connection

Winter is always an interesting month around here. Typically, it's a cold and slow one, and I use the month to disconnect, hunker down, and do my taxes. But this year I created and provided a 4-hour Live Style Shift Workshop, sorted, shopped & styled, hired a bookkeeper, and it's 80 degrees outside, so it's a little different than expected. It's as if the universe decided that 2017 is going to be all about connection, and I am ALL FOR THAT.

I've been saying for months that style is a super-strong form of connection, after all. I believe that the clothes you wear can be a conduit to relating to the world authentically, can open you up to relate to others on a deeper level, and can connect you to your roots. So I'm going to explore that AND give you some action steps to connect to your wardrobe, and me a little better too (you'll see)!

Connecting to Yourself

Style is a way you can connect the dots between who you are (your values, skills, and dreams) and what you look like outwardly. Your style can reflect the real you when you don't have time to explain that you are smart, sophisticated, complex, and creative. Of course, there are so many different sides of us, so it can sometimes be overwhelming trying to figure out which specific style expresses our personality best. The good news is that your style doesn't have to be just one thing, and you can decide whether you want your style to say romantic one day, or at one with nature the next (like I did this past weekend in West Texas, above).

Action: Can you peek into your closet and connect a side of your personality to each piece of clothing in there? It's worth looking through this lens when you're ready to clean out your closet.

Connecting to Your People

Style is a strong means of communication since most of what we perceive about each new person we meet is visual (it's science, yo). Your style can therefore be the determining factor in whether someone decides to say hi to you or not. Your style can also inspire you to connect, as we all know that feeling of bubbly confidence that comes as a side effect of wearing an outfit you love. You want to keep engaging when you know you look great! You know what else is great? Connecting with people BECAUSE of their style. If style is a window into the personality, you might strike up a conversation with someone whose hat you admire and discover a new friend.

Action: Pay attention to the outfits you see out in the wild, and be open to giving out a compliment or striking up a convo with a well-dressed stranger.

Connection to Resources

I personally loooove to connect people. I like to provide resources to my clients and pals, and that's why I created a Resource Guide for my Sort Shop & Style & Style Overhaul clients. There's no better compliment than a word of mouth referral, and the power of a personal recommendation is something I bow down to regularly as it's kept my business (and many of my colleauges' business) alive and rolling. So this year I'm doing my best to schedule more coffee dates with other biz owners, creatives, and entrepreneuers to keep on collecting tools that I can pass along to you guys.

I've also enlisted the help of my stunningly talented pal Paula of Sister Wolf to create the above video, which I'm hoping will be an easy way to peek into my process, as well as something you can share with your people to help spread the word about the significant power of style!

Action: I'd be honored if you shared this video with someone who might want to create an aligned and powerful wardrobe this year, or if you would reach out to me if you've got a great resource to share!