Party Dresses for Every Shape

Springtime means party time for a lot of us, which is fun, but can also be challenging and hectic. Often you will be asked to dress according to a theme, and you'll wait til the last minute to run to the store where you likely will buy the first one that seems to fit your body and theme. You wear the dress and even if you spent a lot of money on it, chances are you probably don't absolutely love your last-minute find.

This week, I've been helping the gorgeous ladies of Red Fan Communications find the perfect dresses to wear to the Komen Perfectly Pink Party, where of course pink is the theme. Since each girl has a different shape and personal style, the dresses below are the best of the best *pink* dresses for every body type!

If you're tall...

Tall ladies, you can get away with longer lengths this spring, and that's awesome, since the most modern hemline is about mid-calf right now. You've also got the option of funning it up with some bold color and print, since your frame wont be overwhelmed by it. If you're on the boho side, try a long printed maxi dress. If you're into a more classically feminine look, go for a draped dress that showcases your waist (giving you amazing curves). Vintage-vibing tall ladies should look for a cool mod-style print in a midi-length to give a nod to the 60's while staying current.


If You're Curvy...

Curvy ladies can wear all kinds of awesome dresses--just select the one that showcases your favorite feature! I love a sexy peplum waist to amp up an hourglass shape. Ladies who love the whole pin-up girl look an find a great selection of embellished or simple peplum dress options. I like the embellished shine of the one below, as something more muted could look a little too daytime for a party. A kimono shape can be a great way to balance out a curvy bust and take attention away from the upper arms. Again, dress that sucker up with fun jewelry or a low-contrast print for a cocktail outfit. Another great way to balance out a larger-on-top figure is with a slim shift. Play up the sleeves and keep the hem short to show off some nice legs!


If You're Petite...

Petite ladies can wear shorter lengths while still remaining proper and tasteful, so I say go short! Your outfit can help elongate your legs if you go for an of-the-moment top/skirt set (midsection exposure optional). The shorter top and the high waist will combine to give you long long legs! I'm also loving the fun fit and flare options to showcase a waist, and swinging shifts if you want to make the legs your main focus.

The moral of the story is, let your outfit work for you by showing off your best features and minimizing what you don't want noticed. Need help adding the perfect party dress to your wardrobe this season? Contact me and I will take the stress out of party season for you!