How Travel Can Deepen Your Style

Since May, I've been on 5 out-of-state trips. Some work, some play, all involving air travel. I know it sounds like I'm about to give you some sweet suitcase-packing tips, but sorry, I'll leave that to the hundreds of other blog posts on that topic. All this travel has helped me to see how our style can deepen an shift through a change in environment, not only in a logistical sense but also in the gathering of inspiration and heightened possibility of trying new things.

We hear a lot, especially us entrepreneurs and business owners, about self-care and the importance of unplugging. We need to get out of our heads and routines in order to see our work from a new fresh perspective. I'm starting to feel like hitting the road might be a crucial element of escaping those style ruts we can find ourselves in every so often as well. I mean, when but before we are faced with the problem of having only access to the items we stuff in a tiny suitcase do we have to examine our clothing in such depth? And when but in a new place do we discover that our personal style is crucial to avoiding that "I look like a tourist" feeling? Read on!

Find Your Faves

I had the rather stressful experience recently of trying to find an outfit that I could not only wear on a plane (twice in one day) but also to a rather important business meeting in between those flights. Situations like this, while painful, can help you discover the pieces you own that don't wrinkle, feel comfy, and hide any pesky nerve-induced sweat (I wore trousers and a white blazer, btw).

Travel will help you figure out exactly which items you can make the most outfits out of, which shoes are most comfy to walk in, and being limited to the items in your suitcase can really stretch your creativity. You'd be surprised how many ways you can wear one dress when you pack the right accessories!

Be Someone New

Another side effect of travel: feeling free! When you're plopped down in a place where you don't know anyone, you can really be whoever you want. So why not wear those crazy pants you never have the nerve to wear back home, or dress to suit your new environment? You might even have a chance to wear a bathing suit as a shirt like I did last week in Cape Cod! One trick I employed for a trip to Florida was to only pack bright-colored clothes. I felt like I fit in with the beachy folks AND I had that awesome fresh feeling of wearing outfits I never would have worn on a normal day at home.

Spot New Options

Another fun way to propel yourself out of a style-induced coma is to do a little style spotting while you're traveling. Checking out the locals is a great way to expose yourself to new trends, or just get inspired to shop for something new while you're there. I always recommend that my clients look for accessories when they travel because you can usually find pieces you never would at home, and they're typically easy to pack. You might even discover and import a sweet new trend!

If you're pissed because I didn't give you those packing tips and you've got a trip coming up, fear not. I have a travel packing service I don't advertise, but offer to my clients when needed. Contact me for the details!