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Four Fall Jackets For Every Capsule Wardrobe

It's that time of year again here in Austin where we all start to stare longingly at our jackets while the rest of the world, at last, dips into their favorite long-sleeved sidekicks. Where our morning routines start strong with the thought that today just might finally be the day we justify a jacket! Forget the Instagram stories, show me the weather report! Alas, mid-September in Texas proves yet a hair too hot for actually needing that outfit-maker of a layer, but any die-hard jacket lover like myself will be the first to excuse its early integration. And for those of you that need further convincing that the lights are turning green for this essential Fall staple, all you have to do is pass by a school on your morning commute and get a load of those teenagers wearing beanies. You're good ya'll. You wear that jacket. Here are four classics for any Texan and beyond (and check out a full catalogue of options HERE).

The Leather Jacket, Real or Faux

Though it may be old news, the leather jacket is still my No. 1 go-to. My own personal style is definitely on the edgier side, making a clear path to its rightful pedestal when it comes to my motorcycle version, but that isn't to say there aren't plenty of silhouettes out there that make the leather jacket applicable to the capsules of more than just us rocker gals and boys. Even my Granny, "Grandma Cherryberry", who is 86 years old, rocks one. If Grandma Cherryberry has one, that means you can too. Here are a few of our faves this season!


The Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is beyond practical. So much so that there's not much we can say about it that isn't already understood. It's a lot like a pair of jeans. (Wear with anything.) It's timeless, no doubt. (I'll bet 1 out of 3 dads still wear the one they bought in 1995). It's built to last. (See Dad's from 1995). And it certainly transcends all categories of style. From the avant-garde to the off-duty office gal, girly girl, or tomboy alike, they all make way for denim up top, I've seen it. What you may not know, however, is how this year's adaptations are shaping up. Check it out...


The Blazer

I would like to propose that we once and for all, lay to rest the idea that the blazer's only place is in the office. This bossy topper really ought to be seen for what it is, not the dowdy associations of yester-year. (And even those are making a come back!) Total Murphy Brown vibes with all these plaid, oversized numbers we're seeing everywhere and I definitely don't hate it. Lately I've been wearing a vintage, bubblegum pink blazer with cut-off jean shorts. So that is to say, the proof is in the pudding when it comes to when and where the ol' blazer applies. For starters, we suggest giving one of these a spin.


The Trench

The trench is like that one friend you have that meshes well with everyone. A total chameleon and the type of pal you can bring anywhere and trust she'll be well received, entertained, and akin to any vibe. Sort of like the denim jacket, the trench is also timeless and really defends its practicality with the introduction of a rain cloud or a vulnerable party dress. We're loving the fresh updates that are currently trending but sometimes it's true, there ain't nothin' like the real thing baby.


Want more jackets?

For more in the way of these four classics, check out the full catalog here. Not sure which one to choose to best suit your own capsule wardrobe? Schedule a Free Style Strategy call with me today!