Holiday Style Tips for Slight Grinches

If you're like me, the onset of the holiday season comes with a mixture of giddiness and dread. While I love the whole hang out with your loved ones and eat lots of turkey part, the whole getting ready for 55 obligatory dressy occasions can be really stressful. Luckily, there are a few easy tricks you can employ to make getting dressed slightly less nightmarish, in fact, maybe even fun!

To me, the key this year is to find a few of your favorite festive elements, but to use them sparingly, or in offbeat ways. I also love that some rather dressy elements are being made with comfort in mind (hello, beaded sweatshirts) so you can pull them off from day to night!

A Touch of Gold

You might be one of those "I only wear silver" people, but imagine how easily a gold clutch could go with everything in your closet. There are so many different iterations of this color out there that you can certainly find one to suit your skin tone, from rose gold to pale shimmer like the dress on the left (which is so subtle it's perfect for those of you who steer clear of sequins). You can wear some slightly metallic-hued pants all day and all night, too, depending on how you style them!

TIP: To avoid potential tackiness, stick to lighter, less orangey shades of gold, and stay away from high-contrast black and gold prints.

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A Festively Full Skirt

There is no escaping the full skirt this year, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a non-pencil skirt without a bit of flirty volume this holiday season. Those of you with long legs can easily rock these waist-defining beauties, but those of us with shorter or average-length gams can select knee-length skirts, or ones with a sheer panel like the one on the right. Wear them with something fitted and tucked in (or cropped) on top and don't forget your heels!

TIP: Wear a simple crew or v-neck sweater with your full skirt for daytime. Add some ankle-bearing boots-boom!



If I had a dollar for every embellished top I've stumbled upon during a closet sort, I'd be able to buy myself 12 beaded sweaters this year! You know you have those awesome heavily beaded, sparkling, or studded tops and dresses in there somewhere, and now is the time to wear them. Pair an embellished top with your skinny black jeans and boots, or throw a blazer over a 20's style flapper dress and party all night long!

TIP: I love a mean beaded sweatshirt--you can look festive without even trying and switch from jeans to a pencil skirt seamlessly!