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Visting Your Style Past

Style is one of those things you can trust will probably change over time. I always say that your style shouldn't be just one thing since you aren't just one thing, however, your style shouldn't stagnate either (that's gross). But that's not to say the things you used to love have to disappear forever. It's a fun practice to look back at the styles we used to wear, not only to have a giggle, but to get re-inspired too.

As a child of the 80's (and the even more challenging early 90's), there aren't a lot of trends I'd want to revisit, but sometimes we can resurrect certain themes in new ways. When we bring back elements from our past, we are allowing our histories to be seen. We can share different sides of ourselves, recycling the past with fresh eyes, to create a style that's more fully our own.

Velvet Elements

Remember how luxurious velvet used to be? Oh wow, it felt so fancy to wear this fabric in it's many iterations (crushed velvet, anyone?)... I've got distinct memories of wearing a really awesome thrifted velvet skirt in college, I wore it with EVERYTHING until the sides ripped out and the softness started wearing off. Well, velvet is back right now in a major way, but I'm feeling it more as an interesting punctuation mark, less as a show-stopping centerpiece.

Try out a more modern approach to the ole fave by wearing a velvet ankle boot with your cropped jeans or midi skirt. If you're leary, you can add an inexpensive touch of velvet in the form of a velvet-ribbon-as-belt or choker (pictured above). Worn this way, velvet can remind us of a fancier time, even if we're just wearing jeans.


Atypical Plaid

I know some of you have very visceral reactions to plaid--some love it as it can recall a simpler days, maybe chopping wood outside or going to school in a uniform skirt. I grew up in LLBean territory and was on the field hockey team, so plaid for me wasn't a particularly stylish memory. But welcome to fall 2016, people!

How can one resist the preppy lure of cute plaid pants, subtle menswear-inspired blazers with grey on grey plaid, or a chunky bright plaid scarf? I think the key to wearability these days (if you don't already love plaid) is to keep it structured. The contrast between the mountain man/grunge element and the grown-up vibe of suiting hits a different, more modern note.


Choker Madness

If I had to select one single trend that is practically an exact replica of the last time it was trendy, I'd pick chokers. Have you seen every single model born in the 90s wearing one lately? Chokers remind me of bubble gum Britney Spears candy necklace baby t-shirt times, and I kinda love it. It's maybe the least offensive trend from those days. But I'd skip the thick collar band ones unless you looovvveee your long neck and try instead a delicate layering necklace or a fun bolo/lariat tie piece. Just PLEASE don't do the layered shoelace like I once did.

Are you inspired to look back at some old photos and see what nostalgic trends you might be able to resurrect? I'd love to hear which ones excite you! Just give me a shout at!