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"But I don't Even HAVE a style!"

I have a question on my new client intake form which asks you to explain your current style. I get a lot of casuals, comfortables, and sale nook of Anthro meets Lofts, but recently I've also gotten a lot of "no style at all"s. What? No style AT ALL?

That's right. A lot of you have been wearing clothes, for sure, but maybe you've gotten super busy with working all the time/having babies/constant travel/shifting body size/lack of inspiration, and your style has taken a waaay back seat to everything else.

Which is fine...until one day it isn't.

You might look down at the pants you bought at Loft 4 years ago, that stretchy sweater with pills all over it, and think: "THIS ISN'T ME!" This feeling of the absence of style is very real, sometimes acutely uncomfortable, and luckily very fixable.

So read on for the first two steps you can take RIGHT NOW to start getting a little clarity on your current style, and how to push forward towards style alignment this spring...

First Thing's First

If you find yourself in this weird no-man's land of wardrobe despair, don't beat yourself up about it. Life happens, and style is something that can and should reflect that, but it does take a little work, and if you don't have the capacity to keep up with it, it's super easy to slip out of sync with what you're wearing.

The very first thing you need to do is ask yourself a few questions (so grab a pen, why not?)

  • What do you value most deeply?
  • What do you want people to notice about you when they see you for the first time?
  • When was the last time you felt really alive & free? What were you wearing then?

If you take a little time to reflect on exactly what you hold dear, what you want to say to the world, and think back on a time you really felt amazing, it can help you start to clarify the message you'd like to send via your style.

You gotta get down to the nitty gritty of who you are before you can figure out what you should wear!

What Are Your Clothes Saying?

Say you've figured out that you want people to see your confidence, experience, and creativity. How do the clothes in your closet measure up? I have found it super helpful to have a template, even if it's a fluid/experiential/or kinda intuitive when I approach a closet, even mine.

Do those Loft pants express your most experienced creative self (or do they help support the other clothes that do)? Do you feel like you can enter a room full of strangers confidently in that top? Using the list of words/responses you came up with when you were reflecting can really help you hone in on what you should keep or toss, in a more realistic, customized-to-you way than simply throwing out everything you haven't worn in 18 months.

Once you've honed in on the keepers, it's so easy to see the new possibilities, or the opportunities for re-alignment.

Next Steps...

Next post, I'll give you some support for shopping and styling once you've gotten crystal clear on what's in that closet of yours, but until then....

Does the idea of being greeted each morning by a closet filled ONLY with clothes that communicate your message excite you? I know I just got the urge to purge while writing this, and I already helped guide 4 people through the process last week! If you're like, "Laurel, this sounds frigging awesome, but I need some accountability in order to actually get it done!" Well, I have the solution for you.

The Style Shift Workshop is a virtual one on one coaching experience, where I will give you all the tools and insight you need to take your style from "NONE" to "FULLY EXPRESSED" in just a few weeks. Together, we will pinpoint your own authentic personal style--the style that echoes your values and strengths, and the style that makes you excited to get dressed each day. I will customize a plan based on your specific needs, and during each session you'll receive a new lesson.

You will learn:

  • how to connect the dots between who you are and what you wear
  • find your personal style muse
  • how to sort through your closet to unlock its hidden potential and see the specific gaps in your current wardrobe
  • where exactly to shop for the pieces you need
  • how to shop strategically & thoughtfully for the items that will showcase your personal message AND your best features
  • my most life-altering styling tricks, plus fresh ideas for figuring out your best go-to outfit "formula"
  • hand-selected items based on your personal style, compiled by me into your very own custom digital lookbook

And there's way more. All of our trainings will be conducted via video call, so I'm excited to be able to help you no matter where you live, what state your closet is in, and however you see yourself expressing your style.

So if you're ready to go deep, connect your inner self to your outward image, and take a hands-on, inspired approach to your style, let's talk! Click HERE to schedule a free style strategy session with me and let's get that ball rolling, shall we?

I can't wait!