A Fresh Approach to Style

As detailed over the past several months, earlier this summer I had a grief-induced breakdown which led me to the mountains of New Mexico. I found comfort being back in nature again, with my family, and away from the glaring obviousness of how much has changed for me personally & professionally since March.

I haven’t felt super engaged by the “fashion industry” for some time. I don’t like to browse shops for fun or read fashion magazines anymore, and have slowly begun to despise the way the industry has the ability to tear you down in order make you feel like the only cure for feeling lousy is to buy an off-the-shoulder blouse with a ruffle on it.

And I see how this has affected YOU! You have so many deeply ingrained beliefs about your style, how you should spend your money, guilt over enjoying it (“do I deserve this turtleneck?”), guilt over not enjoying it (“I must be missing the style gene”) and frustration over having no choice but to support a wasteful and often toxic industry.

I started to think of ways I could feel better about being a part of the industry I’m in, while thinking of ways I could help YOU engage with your style after months of living in those sweatpants of uncertainty...

The LKPS Ethical Style Guide

It doesn’t feel good to help giant companies with small consciences make more money, so I started to develop a toolbox for ethically-made alternatives to the pieces I know we all love to wear. I ended up with a colossal spreadsheet, built over the past 3 months, while listening to 4 simultaneous Zoom calls in the background, often while snuggling with a 7 year-old.

I called upon the marvelous Stevie Sweeney to help me wrangle hundreds of links into a fun & inspiring guide that could act not only as a resource, but an entry point to more sustainable shopping. I wanted to take away all the intimidation around finding the shops & brands, dispel the myth that sustainable shopping is only for skinny rich minimalists.

The LKPS Ethical Style Guide is 77 pages of resources dedicated to helping you find affordable stylish clothing that supports the earth, all it’s diverse earthlings, and is on sale now, just in time for sale season!


How it Works

The Ethical Style Guide is meant to serve as an entrypoint to shopping more conscienciously, not an exhaustive list (I do plan to update along with the ever-shifting tides of retailers) but there are dozens and dozens of options to inspire you and keep you fully clothed this season.

You can use the guide to browse options based on style vibe or by category of clothing. I have included everything from underwear to earrings, menswear, extended sizes, and a whole slew of BIPOC-owned brands as well. I also included some strategies for getting started, tips for prioritizing your purchases, and a sweet little discount code to use on any of my one-on-one services if you need a little extra support around style discovery, shopping list creation, or integrating new pieces with the ones already in your closet.

What's more: many of the retailers included in the guide are offering big sales over the weekend, so you can start shopping at a discount, PLUS this guide makes a sweet gift if you have a time-strapped friend who wants to integrate more sustainability into their life.

So why wait any longer to start feeling good about what you're wearing this winter? Shopping ethically just FEELS better, and if you're someone who loves a little something new, but hates that nagging guilt-inducing voice that starts bugging you every time you open your wallet, making more ethically aligned choices should really start shutting that voice up.