The Lazy Person's Guide to Holiday Style

I don't know about you guys, but for me the holidays can be rather exhausting! There are always last-minute parties, family, friend, and work gatherings to dress for, plus seemingly endless amounts of snacks and drinks. If you're not usually a party animal (or have dietary restrictions) the holidays can be particularly stressful, so that's why this month I'm going to share with you some of my easy style hacks for getting through the holidays.

If you're planning to have a lot of facetime (while also perhaps stuffing your face) this season, you'll need your outfits to be simple and comfortable. I've rounded up some easy styling ideas, plus created this catalog of stylish & wearable selections you can painlessly add to your wardrobe repertoire this season. Click away!

Wear the Pants

When the weather dips, our interest in putting on dresses and skirts tends to nosedive, especially if we don't have an extensive tights collection. So this year, look no further than a festive pair of ever-comfy pants to meet your holiday needs.

Show off your waist and flatter your curves with a pair of high waisted trousers in rich velvet or any vaguely shimmery fabric. Ladies of any shape and size can dress up tuxedo style or printed ankle-length pants (think rich jewel tones, plaids, or any interesting lux textures). You can even dress up a pair of printed pj or velvety jogger pants and take advantage of that stretchy waistband (just be sure to keep the rest of your outfit structured).


Simple Add-Ons

Want to dress up what you already have or give your basics a little touch of festive sparkle? Look for metallic accessories or anything with a little sparkle or shine. I'm loving extra-shiny metallic shoes this season--anything from a more comfy menswear-inspired oxford to a pumped-up pump. Rose gold is super wearable and an easy add-on to your little black or winter white dress. Look for words like "druzy" or "champagne" and you're sure to find something that will brighten up any party outfit.

And don't forget the little touches that elevate your mood and keep you resisting the urge to stay on the couch: manicures and bright lips!


Holiday Hacks for Guys

Guys, you aren't completely off the hook, but you sure do have it easy! What's simpler than adding a tiny bit of red, green, silver, or gold to your look? You don't have to go all-out on a red velvet blazer (though if you are so inclined I have added one to my roundup) but it is fun to mix in some brighter colors to your holiday look.

Use accessories to jazz up your monochrome and wear some festive socks, add red laces to your boots, or find a bold pocket square, tie, or pair of cuff links. It's the little things that will set you apart and may even give you something to chat about at your partner's office holiday party, for instance ;)


And what could be easier than purchasing a gift card for some styling services this year? Give your loved ones the gift of style and make getting dressed a breeze!