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Client Style Story: Alyss

Here's a fun new blog series for ya! I asked several of my clients 3 quick questions after they completed their styling services, and I'm going to post the answers here!

Meet Alyss, Sort Shop & Style client from Austin, TX

You can find her on IG at: @preciselyalyss

What inspired you to reach out for styling help?

Too often, I found myself reaching for a t-shirt and jeans or some similar combination and that was exactly how I dressed in high school. I'm 27, vibrant, full of personality, and my clothes juxtaposed that idea. I had tried StitchFix, Trunk Club, Nordstrom's styling service, but I never came away from those experiences with clothes I was totally in love with. After seeing some other personal stylists on Instagram, I looked to see who was serving Austin and Laurel was a standout. She looked like she had styled a diverse enough population that I wouldn't be a curve ball.

What was your favorite part of the process?

When I tell my friends and coworkers about my experience with Laurel, it is typically about our first meeting when she came into see what my closet held, saw how I had decorated my house, heard what I had to say, and put a fun category on it. I don't want to call it a label because I didn't feel boxed in, but she saw what resonated with me. And, for plenty of people, shopping can be laborious, but she has such a fun personality that she makes it fun, too.

What has changed for you since working with Laurel?

I've really only worn t-shirt and jeans when I've been sick. Even at home, I'll wear fun jumpers or loud pants. Since working with Laurel, I've been inundated with compliments from coworkers and friends. I feel a lot more self-confident because I'm not having to "overcome" what my clothes are communicating and I really like what I'm wearing.

Hey, thanks, Alyss!! Check out the Sort Shop & Style service HERE.