It's a Jumpsuit Jungle!

When jumpsuits made a serious comeback in 2014 I was hooked. What could be better than only needing to choose *one* item of clothing and still ending up with a complete outfit? The answer is nothing. Nothing. A girl knows no greater freedom than a bedtime, thought-downloading routine that doesn't include the phrase, "What am I going to wear tomorrow?" (...Because you're wearing your jumpsuit, that's what!) And although your first thoughts might resemble the likes of race car drivers, sci-fi characters or simply, children, I encourage you to try one on before you decide how you really feel about this timeless staple. So when you do, here are a few things to consider to best flatter your unique shape!

What To Look For:

The key to decoding your ideal jumpsuit lies in the silhouette. You can accentuate or subdue pretty much any God given blessing or curse with a modern day onesie, all it takes is a little basic knowledge on proportion. (Although, at the end of the day I'm a strong believer in what makes you feel awesome, is awesome because, Hello, Confidence!) Here are some easy guidelines to follow: And be sure to check out our full Catalog here, and tell us which one looks best on YOU!


For The Petite

Jumpsuits can be tricky on small frames. We recommend choosing something closely tailored or with a cropped leg. If you're drawn to a more oversized look just make sure it's not terribly shapeless or have seemingly endless hems that will completely diminish you. (Also be advised, we're pretty sure the jumpsuit's sister, the romper, was practically made for you.) We love this jumpsuit by, For Love & Lemons for the petite gal!


For The Busty

Why do boobs have to make things so much harder sometimes? I know all you busty ladies know what I'm talking about if you've ever met the frustration of putting on a dress or blouse *in your size* and lo and behold it's perfect everywhere accept with ya' gals. When it comes to jumpsuits, look for faux-wrap styles that will lend plenty of room up top, or short-sleeve options which can be great for balancing out a fuller bust. Additionally, anything with pockets at the hip, or a drop-waist can also help provide visual balance. We love this one in particular.


For The Athletic

Try turning up the ruffles and luxe textures for all you hard bodies! I know ditching your movement-friendly go-to's seems counterintuitive because of your routine, but why not adapt a jumpsuit that's just as easy, and way more sophisticated? Look for options in silk or denim that will help play up your hard earned curves, and don't overlook details like asymmetry, ruffles or lace. This little number has us thinking of you.


For The Tall

You, my friend, possess the unique gift that is the ability to absolutely nail a wide-leg jumpsuit. And that sh*it is kind of hard to do. Here's why: A wide leg = "the bus stops here," so to speak. So if you're short, petite, curvy or all of the above, you're going to have to be way more thoughtful about adding a wide leg into your look as it can quickly be game-over with all that volume downward. For the tall gal though, no problem! This summer-friendly, 100% linen option is a favorite because the all-over pattern helps bring you back down to Earth, and that peek-a-boo in the back, hones in on your natural waist, celebrating those blessed gams. Amen, sister!


For The CurVY

Curves are like fingerprints. Ain't nobody's the same. The best way to outfit a curvier frame in a jumpsuit is to go for a classic silhouette. Look for styles with V-necks, waist-defining helpers like belts or elastic waistbands, and slightly flowy to straighter leg hems. Wider set straps or anything with a 3/4 sleeve will also look great. We love this one for its strategic, dark-to-light, tie dye pattern and free-flowing silhouette.

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