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Summer Style Rut?

It's here, it's here! The heat has arrived. Last month I discussed what to wear to work in the warm-weather, so this month I thought I would take it down a notch and share my favorite pieces for more casual/trendy outfits. If you're already getting a little bored of your warm-weather uniform of shorts and a t-shirt this newsletter is for you.

I'd love to turn my blog topics over to YOU next month, so please contact me and send me your suggestions for stylish topics you'd like to see me cover.

Conquer the Kimono

I've seen more than a few of you with one of these babies in your closet, and guess what? Most of you say you've only ever worn it once. For your boho moments, throw a kimono over your simple tank and jeans (or jorts). If you're really feeling that festival vibe, add a hat and some bangle bracelets. I also love a long kimono over a shorter dress or top & shorts--very granny glam (and covers your arms without feeling hot). For a more subtle kimono moment, try pulling it closed over your skinny jeans or pencil skirt and wearing with a wide wrap belt. This works best with less fringey kimonos.

TIP: Try wearing a monochromatic outfit under your wildly printed kimono or duster for a modern, sleek look.


Romper Madness

So this trend has been around for a few seasons, but that means more of you are getting comfortable with the idea of wearing a stylish onsie. The trick to looking like an adult in a romper is to find one with a bit of structure to the fabric, especially if you're into the bolder prints. A little structure will keep it sophisticated and wont end up clinging to your booty. Also, make sure your romper is long enough in the torso and wide enough in the leg to fit you comfortably.

TIP: Check out rompers (like these or these) with structure & shirt-like tops to ease into the look.


Don't Fear the Culotte

Some of you are already quite aware of this, but I have a serious weakness for the culotte trend. Don't worry, I'm not gonna push it on you, and you're probably right to be terrified of this look, but these aren't your gauchos from 2001! The new culotte is high-waisted, which combats the stumpy vibe of the gauchos of yesteryear, and they come in a variety of fabrics, widths, and colors. You can wear a cropped top with your high-waisted structured culottoes and heels, or a looser, longer top with flat sandals for an art teacher on vacation vibe. I've been living in my pair from Zara because they feel like pajamas and look like a real outfit!


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