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Mom-Friendly Layers

Happy Mother's Day! In the spirit of Mother's Day we bring you this Postpartum P.S.A: Just because you're nursing or working off a little baby weight doesn't mean you should confine your current wardrobe to brands strictly devoted to your newfound Motherhood! I'm no Mom, but with so many fleeting trends on the market who's to say that "oversized, button-up, 'Boyfriend' tunic" isn't also a "nursing-friendly, 'New Mom' tunic"?

Clothes are clothes no matter what a clever marketing team says, so I'm here to remind you to feel free to transition back to your normal closet sans matriarchal buzzwords (mostly) no matter what your current phase may be. Here are a few tips + a whole catalog of freshly picked new Mama finds!

The Scarf-like Top

An actual scarf could also be fashioned into either one of these looks but in case you don't have time to master the subtle trickery that is wrapping and tying a large scarf into a top, (those baby slings gotta' be hard enough), there are plenty of airy caftans and tie-up tops on the market right now. I will say however, a less risque adaptation might be more reasonable when it comes to option number two. Like you know, wearing an undergarment or two. But either way, do you!


The Premo Basic

Useless marketing tactics aside we can admit, there are some really awesome, Mom-specific brands that definitely nail all those novelties you thought only dreams were made of. Take for example this super cool, asymmetrical hoodie that has a discreet seam allowing you to TAKE YOUR BOOB OUT when baby is hungry. That's skipping at least five steps in your nursing routine right? When it comes to basics, the unassuming, everyday garments from Bun Maternity are definitely worth the investment.


The Printed Conception

Stripes, patterns, color blocks... Prints are great at masking leaks, spit-up and spills. Try a wrap top or button-up style for more efficient transitions. This gorgeous, cotton/silk swing tank from Anthropologie is the perfect hem length and pattern proportion for the Mom still trying to shed some baby weight.


Want One on One Help?

Sort Shop & Style sessions are where it's at for someone adjusting to a lifestyle change. Whether it be your first baby, kiddo number three, or even just general weight loss, my three-step service helps you align the ghosts of garments past with your current reboot. Click HERE to get started! Not sure what you need? Schedule a Free Style Strategy call with me today!