Guest Post: The Top 5 Bras Every Woman Should Have

Today I'm excited to hand the blog over to my friend Ashley Kelsch, owner of local lingerie destination Teddies for Bettys. We all know that we need a great-fitting bra to really allow our clothes to shine, but where to begin? READ ON....and if you're in need of some foundational upgrading this fall, she's offering 10% off at either of her two boutiques (on 2nd St & the Domain Northside) if you mention my name :)

Let's simplify the time we spend getting dressed.

Much like the tools in a toolbox, you really only NEED a few basic bras in your lingerie drawer. Not only can it save time, but it can make any outfit look and feel that much better.

Lets face it, we've all been there: the moment comes, the outfit is perfect, you reach into your lingerie drawer for that perfect solution bra and...nothing...

Here are the top 5 bras every woman should have in their lingerie drawer to take the guesswork out of getting ready...

download (1).png

1. T-Shirt Bra

A lightweight, molded style designed to lay seamlessly under any outfit for everyday wear. The perfect go-to essential.

Laurel adds: try a nude and a black one to start!

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2. Push Up/Sexy Bra

This bra you can have some fun with. Think of it as the bra you want to put on when you are feeling a little more daring.

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3. Strapless/ Convertible Bra

With fashion always changing, and styles evolving, the strapless/multi strap bra is the perfect option no matter the outfit.

Laurel adds: It IS possible to find a comfortable strapless bra, trust.

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4. Racerback/Solution

For those outfits that bare a little more shoulder or back, opt for a decorative racerback style. This provides support while hiding until you're ready to bare.

Laurel adds: don't get stuck wearing a sports bra when you need exposed shoulders! There's a pretty bar out there that you won't mind showing off :)

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5. Sports/Fitness Bra

It's always important to have the proper amount of extra support when working out. Choose your sports bra specific to the level of intensity your workout requires.

Connect with your next bra!

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