lingerie guide

Lingerie for the Ladies

Happy Valentine's Day! I thought I would share some fun under-the-clothing inspiration this week in celebration of this underwear-oriented holiday. What you wear under your clothes is extremely important, after all, because your bra and panties are the foundation for everything else. If your bra doesn't do what it's supposed to, your clothing wont fit correctly, and there's no point to that awesome dress or top!

The following is by no means an exhaustive list, and the best way to find the perfect lingerie for your body is to get measured and fitted by an expert. These are simply the items I know to be of high quality, comfort, and come in handy when dressing.

Hold Them In

Every lady should have a basic bra that provides the support needed to give your boobs a nice, smooth lifted appearance in clothing. I have been amply endowed, and only within the past few years discovered that a properly-fitting bra can change everything! Your bra should feel comfortable, like you aren't wearing it at all, and be basic in shape to fit under all your tops. These examples are great for keeping everything front and center--not too high or too low. An every day bra is perfect to have in both black and nude colors to pair with everything you have in your wardrobe. I like these examples because they are made of smooth textured material that doesn't cling to anything, plus they are functional AND pretty.


Show it Off

On the other side of the spectrum, we have what I like to call fun-derwear. Lingerie is great because you can get totally wild under your conservative outfit if you'd like, and no one needs to know! I also like bras that you don't mind showing to wear underneath sheer tops or tanks with large armholes. If you wear one of these lacy or printed bras under a top and it peeks out it will look like something more purposeful than a nude bra showing through (which would seem like an accident). In the summertime it's nice to be able to wear something that flows a little--so stock up on these fun little numbers and you'll be all set! A great place to find funderwear is at Anthropologie or Free People. I'm also a sucker for the gorgeous creations of Mimi Holliday (center). I mean, how could you not want to show a little bit of that off?


Keep it Hidden

And then there are days when you want your clothing to just look like it's attached to your body with no sign of any of what's underneath. These days are for racerback bras and smooth underwear! My favorite no-show panties are by Fleur't and Hanky Panky. I love the Fleur't boyshort panties because they are super comfortable and totally invisible under sheer dresses and tight pants which is an amazing feat for a non-thong, right? Hanky Pankys can be found on sale a lot, and are the only comfortable thongs I've ever worn. The lace is so stretchy you can't even feel it. A racerback bra is a great investment too, especially if you're into lots of breezy tanks and hate having your straps show.