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Why a Guy Needs a Personal Stylist

Since it's Man Month over here, I'm going to address the very specific needs of the male dresser. Besides, surely you must KNOW a man or two, and perhaps some of this will ring true.

January is the perfect time to re-evaluate your past year and look forward to the next, and the wardrobe can easily fit in here. It sure is nice to get that pesky clothes shopping thing out of the way, and think about what's going right and what's feeling all wrong. If any of the following sounds familiar, you might consider bringing a personal stylist along for the ride...

Your Timing's Off

Is your (or your loved one's) closet full of clothes left over from college, or with work attire purchased in the 90s? Do you have a lot of nice work clothes, but feel kind of frumpy on off days? If you spend a lot of time shuffling through clothes that don't seem to fit your body quite right, feel slightly out of date, or are inappropirate for the occasion, you might consider re-stocking some current pieces. It can be little weird to try on something that's a little more fitted than you're used to, but I have a tried and true process to get you to see the wonders of stylish, modern clothes that fit. I can even find you a style that will mesh with what does work for you, so you can easily transition to 2015.


Shopping Sucks

I know, I know, it's super frustrating to shop. You go into a store and get overwhelmed, try whatever you're drawn to first, and get out of there as fast as you can. This sometimes involves spending too much on stuff you don't actually want, or you get home and realize, oops, you already have 3 blue shirts. Shopping can take up too much time!

But what if you had someone you trust set everything up ahead of time so that you didn't actually have to shop? You know, someone who knows what looks good, will find your exact size, and show you how it can be worn with the other stuff you own? Oh and bonus: shopping trips with me only last about 2 hours tops.


Your Partner is Super Stylin'

Maybe you feel a little out of step with your partner, style-wise, or perhaps you are single and want to feel more confident about what you're wearing on dates. It can be challenging to find a style that's your own that also feels current, age-appropriate, and right for all occasions. It's also hard to rely on your partner for help in this arena--they may not have the patience to shop either. I would love to help you step out of your comfort zone a little, take it up a notch or two, and make shopping efficient and easy. Bonus: this process actually quite fun!