End Dressing Room Despair (DRD)

Whether I find out from you in person, during a free consult, or on my intake form, many of you claim to HATE SHOPPING. Like, with the passion of 300 opera singers. You hate the trying clothes on part (and some of you even skip this altogether), you hate the hunt, you hate the lighting in the dressing room, you hate the pushy salespeople, and you also really hate the fact that you end up spending money on clothes you simply do not wear.

Many of you shop in a last-minute panic and you rush through the store, grab the first thing that catches your eye, try it (or don't try it), get it home and wear it with minimal excitement because it's honestly JUST LIKE everything else in your closet, and you feel annoyed with yourself but just chalk it up to the fact that you "hate shopping" and that's that til the next crisis comes along.

Whew! Sound familiar? Well, this week I've got tried and true strategies to end DRD (dressing room despair) so that you can tackle your spring shopping with the gusto of 300 opera singers!

It's all in the Mindset, baby!

Knowing that shopping isn't your jam is fine and good, but it really doesn't have to be this way! The very first thing you need to do is stop telling yourself that shopping sucks. Limiting yourself in this way only sets you up for a terrible experience. Give yourself a nice, relaxing chunk of time to shop (and bribe yourself with the possibility of lunch or a drink afterwards if you need to). Think back to your style intentions and imagine yourself in a killer outfit that truly expresses who you are AND makes your ass look amazing. Shopping is one of the only ways to really get there!

A healthy shopping mindset is clutch, so concentrate on this before you ventue out:

  • Start thinking of clothes shopping as an investment, not a waste of money. You already understand the importance of style to your overall confidence and happiness, so buying new clothes mindfully should feel like just another smart way to spend your money, not something silly or frivolous.
  • Make a simple, acheivable list. Don't write down "spring wardrobe" or you'll end up burning out. Shop ONLY for jeans or ONLY for sandals to start. Keep it simple and specific before you turn pro :)
  • Know that it's OK if you don't find everything on your list. It's not always possible to find exactly what you need in one day, so don't set yourself up for disappointment by creating higher than necessary expectations.

Wear easy to take on & off clothes and shoes, and finally, bring a dang snack with you! A snack and some water go a long way when you're feeling overwhelmed by decisions, and has served my clients quite well for years. I actually think some of you keep coming back for the cookies, honestly.

Now that you're in the dressing room...

Ok so a lot of you may just skip the dressing room altogether, but how has this gone for you? Have a lot of clothes that don't fit or are only so-so? Alrighty then. Let me share a few things to ask yourself when you've gathered your finds in the fitting room (and I should add that you should bring at least 1-2 different sizes of each item with you to save time).

  • What’s your initial impression--how do you feel, physically/emotionally? First impressions are important to pay attention to, but aren't always 100% correct when it comes to clothes. If you're on the fence, walk around a little bit, or try it on again after you've tried the rest of your finds.
  • Does it fit? Check all the seams for any weird pulling/fit issues. If it’s too long, but fits otherwise, know that you can get it altered. Your tailor is your friend!
  • Can you see this item working with the other pieces you own? Try to think of a few different ways it could work.
  • Still not sure? Go look in another mirror outside the fitting room. Walk around a little bit. Text a picture of yourself to your pal (I do this CONSTANTLY)!

It's also important to remember you can always return something if you bring it home & change your mind. We all make well-intentioned shopping mistakes sometimes, but using these strategies as a guide should help you avoid some of the most common shopping pitfalls and possibly help you hate shopping a little less!

And your next steps...

We didn't quite get around to styling your finds this go-round, but I'll share some fresh ways to re-imagine your wardrobe in my next letter, and feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have in the meantime.

For those of you who are still passionately opposed to shopping, I have another option for you. One which will take you from "what the heck is my style anyway?" to "why thank you, I picked this outfit out myself!"

The Style Shift Workshop is a virtual one on one coaching experience, where I will give you all the tools and insight you need to take your style from OPT-OUT to 100% ENGAGED in just a few weeks. Together, we'll pinpoint your authentic personal style--the style that echoes your values and strengths, and the style that makes you excited to get dressed each day. I will customize a plan based on your specific needs, and during each session you'll receive a new lesson.

Not only will you learn:

  • how to connect the dots between who you are and what you wear
  • to create a style profile full of inspiring stylish imagery that excites you
  • how to sort through your closet to unlock its hidden potential and see the specific gaps in your current wardrobe
  • my most life-altering styling tricks, plus your best go-to outfit "formula"

But you'll also get MAJOR shopping support. I'll walk you through:

  • where exactly to shop for the pieces you need and HOW to decide which specific pieces to purchase
  • how to shop efficiently for the items that will showcase your personal message AND your best features
  • building a specific wardrobe by hand-selecting items based on your personal style. I'll compile pieces into your digital lookbook where you can click & buy new pieces to try at home
  • OR, an in-person shopping trip either in Austin or wherever you live (rate will vary based on location)

But there's way more. All of our trainings will be conducted via video call, so I'm excited to be able to help you no matter where you live, what state your closet is in, and however you see yourself expressing your style.

So if you're ready to end DRD, go deep, connect your inner self to your outward image, and take a hands-on, inspired approach to your style, let's talk!

Click HERE to schedule a free style strategy session with me and let's get that ball rolling, shall we? I can't wait to connect with you!