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"I've only worn this once!"

I've seen a lot of closets, my friends. Big closets, tiny closets, and everything in between. There are lots of things we all have in common: a tendency to wear the same things on repeat, purchase in multiples, or buy stuff and not wear it. So knowing we all share a few closet habits, today I'll discuss a few of the things we end up NOT wearing, and why.

While I am all for trying new things, being bold, and finding the pieces that make you happy, there really are a few things that, happy as they make you, are just really hard to wear multiple ways. Some pieces are highly specific, some are really attention-grabbing, and some are just plain uncomfortable. Below are the 3 main items that are loved but neglected in my clients' closets...

The Literal Print

You know what happens: you go shopping with no real plan in mind, but find yourself attracted to that fun printed piece. The birds/foxes/whales/penguins/ice cream cones are so cute! You snatch it right up and wear it to work the next day and EVERYONE COMMENTS ON HOW CUTE IT IS. So you feel pretty awesome about your purchase until the day comes when you want to wear it again and realize everyone who saw you the last time you wore it noticed & commented on your super cute printed outfit.

TIP: The literal print is dangerously noticeable and difficult to restyle if in a specific form like a structured dress or top. Try looking for more abstract, neutral-hued prints or bold ones in pieces you can wear casually or more layered.


The High Maintenence Fringe

Sometimes it's the drama you're attracted to and you find yourself unable to resist the call of the bold textured piece. You think, "oh I can totally style my feather skirt a million ways because it's black!" But then you quickly realize that suede fringe or layered feathers are too hot or too trendy to wear multiple times, or simply that there just aren't that many chances in life to wear a feathered skirt, even if you CAN wear it with a t-shirt. So there it sits, sad, beautiful, lonely (and really really hard to clean)...

TIP: If you love a good bold texture, why not find a fringed or feathered handbag? You really can style those a million ways and you get to play with the trend without committing to something you might neglect.


The Heavily Embellished

Oh the shiny lure of embellishment! I love a good beaded top, bejeweled blazer, or 20's-glam dress as much as the next person, but for some reason these items get purchased and slowly end up in the back of the closet. Embellished pieces are tricky because you basically always have to style the outfit around the one show-stopper, so no matter what you wear, the embellished item is the only one that gets noticed. Or maybe it's because sitting down or leaning back in something beaded is basically impossible...OUCH.

TIP: Be practical about your jewels and beads and select items with collar, shoulder, or hem detailing that can be more versatile, plus you won't have as much getting in the way of your comfort.

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