Fall Boot Roundup!

This summer, I had the unfortunate and time-consuming experience of developing a bulging disc. That's basically a fancy term for persistent back pain, something that limited my choice in footwear to flat sandals and sneakers. For someone who loves a little heel (ouch) and a little boot (too hot), this was quite a challenge to maintain.

Lucky for you guys, though, I quelled my longing by researching all the new boots coming out this fall, and I've curated a list of my favorites, organized into 3 main styles for you right here. And, since I'm not quite back to my normal pain-free self, I have included a bunch of comfy options in there for you too. Enjoy!

Ankle Styles

Those who know me or have been shopping with me know that I am all about ankle boots. They're just the perfect mix of polish and fun, and can be dressy in a super comfortable way. This fall, most styles I'm seeing have a thicker heel and come in a variety of colors. It seems that more monochrome the clothes get, the more colorful the shoes become! Above are 3 easy-to-style options in modern, casual, and dressy versions. Check out all my faves here.

TIP: Try adding a color you don't already have to your shoe collection this year. I love the idea of navy, olive, or wine-colored ankle boots to keep things fresh.


Tall Styles

Most all of you have gotten used to the idea of adding a calf-high boot to your style repertoire in the cooler months, and maybe you're a little bored of your standard riding boot (I know I am). So why not add a higher version to the mix this year? I love the knee-high and over-the-knee boots I'm seeing, and there's nothing warmer or sexier than an extra tall boot with your skinny jeans or a short skirt and tights. If you're a little leary, opt for a version that can be folded over, and have two boot styles in one!

TIP: To reduce the lady-of-the-night impact of a thigh-high boot, select a flat or a lighter neutral version and wear with casual jeans and sweaters for daytime. You can let the hem of your skirt or dress hang over the top of the boots for an extra texture pop!


Wild Cards

I know some of you are advanced in the art of wearing ankle boots, or just love something non-standard for your everyday footwear. This year's you will find all kinds of fun boot options ranging from 70's patchwork and fringe to edgy buckles and studs. You'll also find lace-up boots and fun finishes like leopard print and glitter. Truly something for everyone. Wear these with your basics as a way to share your true style personality to the world!

TIP: When it comes to wilder boots, it's usually easier to pull off the extra fun styles in more neutral colors so you can integrate them smoothly into your wardrobe mix.

I'm pretty stoked that it's fall, and I love helping you find the most comfy, stylish, easy-to-wear boots as part of your styling service. Now is a great time to schedule your first Sort, Shop, and Style or a seasonal update. Let's do this!


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