Best Styling Tricks of the Year

This month I am excited to reflect on what has been an amazing 2015! I got to spend an entire year doing exactly what I love: helping people to discover their most confident style. I consider myself so very lucky to have shared this year with many of you.

When I think about next year I get even MORE excited. I'm looking forward to more travel and new services that will help people all over the world (yes, WORLD!) discover the style that makes them come alive and be seen more clearly. This week I am going to share my top three favorite styling tricks of the year: tricks my clients know & love, and ones you can try without even buying anything new!

The Front Tuck

The trick my clients are most dubious about is anything related to tucking. "No way!" you protest, "If I do that my tummy will show or I'll look like I'm in a Boys2Men video!" To which I reply, "I'll front tuck with you, if you want me to..." (because Boys2Men references always set the right mood)...No but seriously, I usually reply by taking a photo of the un-tucked vs the tucked version and letting the images speak for themselves. A front tuck (otherwise known as the half-tuck) will highlight your waist, lengthen your legs, and create a slimmer overall silhouette. Plus, you can leave the back un-tucked which is more comfortable, looks effortless, and can hide any unsuspecting muffin or booty-top. Still don't believe me? JUST YOU TRY IT.


The Ankle Sliver

Ever feel frumpy and not sure exactly why (because obviously your shirt is already front-tucked)? Check out the bottom of your pants. Are they pooled a little bit around the tops of your shoes or fussily dangling over the top of an ankle boot? Another easy way to go from kinda sloppy to totally put-together is by creating a little sliver of ankle. A sliver goes a long way towards making you feel polished and proportional. Just roll up your baggier jeans to expose some ankle above your sneaker, or hem or roll your skinny jeans so that they are a half inch above the tops of your booties. You'll see!


The Long Necklace

Here's an oldie but goodie that never ever fails to make a blousey top or an untucked (gasp) shirt look more balanced: the long pendant necklace. Say you're wearing a crewneck top, or a boxier number that falls a little bit away from your frame. That's cool, because all you need to draw the eye back in (and make your overall frame look slimmer) is something shiny and/or interesting. Plus, a necklace is also an exceptional way to add a little pop of creativity to your wardrobe, which is something we all can jive with, no?


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