My Winter Style Philosophy

Feel that chill in the air? I do, and I have the turtleneck on to prove it! The cool air has finally blown into Texas, and this means it's legit time to evaluate our wardrobes, as sweater weather is actually becoming a reality. The urge to go out and buy a ton of long sleeves is REAL, but let's hold our horses and consider the brevity of the season before we go crazy, shall we?

Because I field multiple questions about what clothes to buy on a daily basis, I've honed in on a philosophy for winter shopping that I hope I can pass along to you today, and help you mindfully select smart pieces that wont leave you or your bank account freezing cold.

Invest in Non-Basic Basics

What are some of the pieces you wear ALL THE TIME? I'm talking perfect mid-rise jeans, black pencil skirts, those comfy sandals, that go-with-everything blazer. Try to take a closer look at those workhorse items, and see how well they express the adjectives that you want to express with your style. Do they say "successful profesh adult?" or "creative fun biz owner?" or whatever YOU want to be called? If there's some distance between your personality and that of your worn-most basics, it might be time to invest in some updates.

This winter is the perfect time to find that way cool blazer in a non-conformist color, or those black trousers that fit just right because they're in season and the options are plentiful. You'll wear them for years, so make sure you find one with enough personality to capture you for a while, in the best quality you can afford. Click on the photos for some fun non-basic basic ideas!


Inject Lower-Priced Fun

So now that you've got yourself some versatile workhorse items, you can add in some trendier pieces at lower price points. I've discovered that most of us get tired of our tops more quickly than anything else, so let's just stop feeling guilty about that, and accept it by spending a little less on seasonal tops. This includes items that you love, but are just crazy to own in your climate, like super heavy sweaters in Austin, TX. Sorry, guys.

Why not buy a fun necklace to jazz up that boring black top, or invest in a few printed tops you can wear under jackets/cardigans? If you're set on only high-quality pieces, look for tops you can wear all year, like button-downs, which can be worn under sweaters or unbuttoned over tanks come spring.


Prioritize Your Feet

I've never once had a client say to me "I love any shoe! Style before comfort, please!" Nope, it's ALWAYS the more comfy the better. Luckily I know from my years of watching people try on shoes that there do exist shoes that marry comfort with style. This winter I'm recommending ankle boots to most everyone because they are the perfect amount of warm for the weather here in Texas, easy to find in multiple styles, and add a touch of badass flair to every outfit. Above you'll find some big winners for sleek style you can wear all day without crying. As is usually the case, the more you invest, the better fit and feel you'll get.


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