2018 Goalsletter!

Well well well it's been a few since I sent my last style lovenote to you, and I suppose my excuse is that I've been busy making and completing goals (montly blog goal, check!) in the midst of my busiest January to date.

This year is all about channeling my energy towards expansion, and I'm excited to finally tell y'all about it today, because it's not exactly what you might expect, but it's definitely going to effect my business, services, and hopefully my growing empire! (wah ha ha)


Creating a Space

I haven't had a real desk or office space in years. I didn't think much of it, since I'm usually out in your closets, shopping, or driving all over town, but it's been knawing at me that I have nowhere to hang my stylish shingle. I even gave myself a bulging disc a few years ago from too many office hours logged on Sam & Penny's couch! Today, however, I am proud to report that I've already accomplished goal number one with the help of a glorious borrowed desk (thanks, Jen!), and my man Michael's studio-arragement inspiration.

Something clicked into place for me as I plunked down plants and put my office products in drawers, and I couldn't help but let out some gleeful giggles of joy as I marveled at the new (albeit humble) LKPS HQ. I'm still processing the feelings now as I write, but seeing a physical manifestation of my business, and feeling the palpable confidence boost it gives me, makes me think of the embodiment research I'm always talking about in relation to dressing the part for your career. It's as if my desk is the well-aligned outfit that helps me embody and step into my profession in a whole new way! I mean, what CEO doesn't have her own office space? Not this one!


Expanding to Dallas

My pals on social media already have heard this, but I'm slowly expanding my styling services to Dallas, and I am actually here in the Big D now, doing some research so I can hit the ground running when I shop here with clients next month. I've never really thought of myself as a Dallas gal, but my first visit brought such warm, welcoming clients, and the city is just so pleasantly cultured, with art everywhere, great architecture, and incredible shopping. Why wouldn't I make the trip up here every month?

So far, I'm really excited to help my Dallas clients break free from the shackles of color-matching rules, and to inject a little Austin-style badassery into the closets of North Texas. And did I mention that the shopping here is INCREDIBLE? It's like all the shops in Austin on steriods (in a good way) plus just so many more options, better atmosphere, and more art while you shop. Seriously. I'm hooked, and now I'm going to be taking Dallas-area clients once a month, AND offering shopping field trips to my Austin clients. WHO'S IN?

I'm booking Dallas clients monthly (but am already booked for February) so hit reply to chat with me about it, and please help a sister out and tell your Dallas-area friends and family that I'm ready to help in March!

Service Expansion

When I began my business back in 2010, I wanted to help EVERYONE, and I had no problem with working A LOT, most of the time. These days I've become very clear about the kind of work I want to do, and how I want to do it. So this year I am tweaking things to better suit the kind of life I want to have in order to work more deeply and effectively with clients I connect with. With this in mind, I'll be scrapping my small-scale styling service, the Closet Analysis, and will only offer this as a charity auction item (just ask!), and for gift cards.

I have discovered that I prefer the more results-oriented, deeper dive services: Capsule Styling, Sort Shop Style/Style Overhaul, and the Virtual Style Shift Workshop where I get to really know and help you connect the dots between who you are and what you wear, and we get to form a more lasting relationship. The prices for these services will be going up on February 15th, as will my return client prices, so you might want to reach out now if you are thinking of working with me this year.

The good news is that I've added lots of extra value to all of my services with the expansion of my comprehensive local resource guide (free for every Sort Shop & Style client), new worksheets for style discovery support, and I'm working on some really great seasonal extras I think you'll all really love. Stay tuned!!