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The Mindful Closet Sort

If you're like me, you're probably dying for a weather pattern shift. It's OCTOBER for crying out loud! While fall might be taking it's sweet time to get here, I'm getting clients (and myself) prepared by doing the old closet switcheroo--you know, moving out the eyelet and sundresses to make room for the cozy sweaters and scarves.

It's tempting to just put your current summer stuff away and just move last year's loot back into it's place. This fall, why not be a little more mindful about what you switch back over to? Here are 3 things to pay attention to when transitioning to your fall closet. It'll be easy, I swear!

The Novel Trap

The tricky thing about Texas is that winter seems to come and go in a flash, and it's difficult to remember the sensation of cold air until you feel it again. That's why it's easy to simply move last year's layers back into the rotaion on the first chilly day without giving it a second thought--the mere fact that it's a sweater is novel enough! But the novel trap is a treacherous one, and can lead to wearing dated styles that don't showcase the modern person you are, leaving you feeling a little off all winter.

TIP: Questions to ask of each piece you rotate: Have you owned this sweater for more than 2 winters? Does it look pilly, snagged, or stained? Is it a classic style/color?


You-Ness Reflection

The next thing to consider as you transition your closet to fall is a little deeper, and something I always try to explore during every client closet sort. Does this piece reflect who you are? Does it support your goal to show the world how [sexy/smart/creative/professional/fun] you are? Maybe it did 4 years ago, but are you the same person you were 4 years ago? There's no sense in wearing something that holds you back or sends the wrong impression. Feeling uncomfortable in your clothes will make it a reeeallly long winter!

TIP: Some items that you've had for a while might not be totally YOU, but are classics that can be worn with other, more YOU pieces to place them back into alignment. When in doubt ask yourself, "does this item make me feel happy?" If no, you probably won't be putting it on anytime soon anyway.

Notice the Gaps

Once you've completed your grueling sort task, first congratulate yourself (& maybe drink a glass of wine). Now you can reflect upon the pieces you're missing having cleansed yourself of the dated and misaligned items. Do you have a sweater, blazer, long-sleeved dress, or cozy layer hole? Awesome! Now you can make a list of what you need to arm yourself against directionless shopping!

TIP: Gaps are best seen when you complete this entire process in one fell swoop. Do it over time and you'll forget, leave something out, or just loose steam and abandon ship.