Mindful Dressing: 3 Ways to Style What You've Got

Lately I've noticed that everyone is really into the idea of a capsule wardrobe: a paired down wardrobe consisting of just a few items that all go together in multiple ways. To me, this is an old idea with a new-sounding name (and maybe a few more rules). Making sure each new item brought into the wardrobe is versatile enough to dress up or down, layer with across seasons, and be worn in several different settings is my M.O (see last month's closet sort post).

So let's go deeper with what you've kept in your closet this fall, and come up with some fresh ways to wear what you've already got. The process of identifying your most versatile pieces will help you determine what should be next on your shopping list (need shopping support? click here). You'll see what items get the most wear, and which pieces are missing in order to give you maximum mix and match results. Here are three ideas for ways you can mix it up RIGHT NOW:

Unexpected Monochrome

When I say monochrome, do you just think head to toe boring? Well, let's get wild with our monochrome this fall and pair multiple shades of the same less-expected hue into one outfit. Perhaps you've noticed while sorting your closet that you tend to own a lot of the same color--usually this is blue or cream or mulitple shades of grey. Don't be afraid to try mixing and matching several different shades within the same family. If you don't know where to begin, just start with the darkest color on the bottom and work your way up by adding a lighter top, slightly darker sweater or jacket, and so on. Dressing this way is so easy, you'll be shocked that you've never tried it before!

TIP: Don't think of monochrome as matchy-matchy, but more like a subtle mix of different tones within the same family. Using darker and lighter shades is key.

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Camel & Pink

Another fun and unexpected color combo to try is to mix in your paler pinks (or pastel blues, greens, purples) with darker camels. I love this pairing because it's a great way to make your summery shades last into the fall, and will give a subtle pop to a more neutral outfit. Plus, camel tends to be a shade often seen in more menswear-inspired pieces like trenches and chino pants, so a feminine touch of pink will create the perfect modern balance.

TIP: Don't put your pale silk summer blouses in the back of the closet just because it's fall! You can get more wear out of your summery tops by adding camel or even winter white into the mix.


Tie it Up

So this is a weird one, but bear with me. I'm kind of loving the idea of tying stuff around your waist this fall, but not in a "don't forget to take your windbreaker in case it rains" kind of way (though it can still be quite practical). I'm loving the way shirts or light jackets look tied at the waist of dresses, like a homemade peplum that doubles as a tummy-hider. This is particularly cool-looking when you're wearing a dress that's all one color or print because the jacket acts as a way to break up the outfit and creates some casual interest.

TIP: Want to wear a tighter dress but plan on eating a big brunch? Tie a sweater or denim jacket around your waist and eat all you want!


Have you tried any of these tricks with your own wardrobe? I'd love to hear what you come up with using what you already have in your closet. Share your finds with me by tagging or mentioning me on Instagram!

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