Spring Pieces to Buy Now (for real people)

Some of you may be on vacation, others enjoying some SXSW festivities, and several us are working while trying to do one or the other. BUT it's just one wild week and then it's back to reality, and summer will be here before you know it! YIKES!

This week, I want to share some pieces you can snatch up now; pieces you'll want to wear throughout the spring and AC-drenched summer that won't last for much longer in the stores. These pieces also happen to be super wearable trends that will keep you feeling in the know without sacrificing your adult, non-fashion victim status. Win!

Modern White Blouse

I've always shied away from creating those must-have lists that name items "everyone should have in their closet" because I just don't relate to them. I've never "needed" a trench coat, and classic white buttons down shirts have never fit me correctly. But this year the white shirt is BACK but not in a super-fitted, uniform, or office-y kind of way. I've been loving the crisp, slightly cropped versions, or the ones with giant pockets and some drape or assymetry to them. A wrap type blouse can be particularly flattering, and all iterations can be worn with practically any bottom, tucked or untucked based on the level of dressiness.


Cut-Out Shoe

Another super-wearable trend I've been noticing is the cut-out shoe. What better way to tranition your feet from winter to summer than by wearing a pair of these breezy, open booties or flats? I love open-toed ankle boots in a soft neutral color to create some edginess to your bare-legged outfits without too much contrast if you're still extra pale. Flat-loving ladies can find interesting two-toned or asymmetrical d'orsay options, perforated flats, or oxfords that can feel cool and easy with bare feet or show off some sweet sock action til summer.


Structured Light Layer

So what do you do when you feel the need to cover your arms but it's unbearably hot outside? I know it's hard to feel professionally put-together in the summertime, so this spring you might consider purchasing a short sleeved or sleeveless layering piece that will create some structure but not make you sweat come July. These vests and jackets work well over a t-shirt or long sleeved top now, and can be worn over strappy dresses and tanks later!

Wondering how to transition your wardrobe this spring? Think you'd like a fresh start and some help clearing out the old? Check out my Sort, Shop, and Style service.