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We're So Human

One of the main reasons I love being a personal stylist is because I get to connect with some really interesting, fun, smart people. Hanging with y'all a big reason that my job doesn't feel like work much of the time. Since I used to be a social worker, the connection factor is an important element of my business, and truly the reason I had the nerve to change my career in the first place.

Over the years, as I've gotten to know some of you really well, I have realized that there are a few things we all have in common as humans. Some of this stuff is a little deep, some kind of hilarious, and I do my best to work these universals into my services when I can. Since it's the month of love, I thought I would share these little human nuggets with you. It's a weird sort of love letter perhaps, but it's the truth as far as I can tell!

personal stylist austin

Mirrors Suck

There's something that ties us together, over all walks of life, no matter how much money we make, whether we are men, women, single, married, happy, unhappy, and that's that we all have something we'd rather not see in the mirror. I'm not saying we all have body image issues, but there is usually one part of the body we don't like looking at, and can't help but see RIGHT AWAY when we look in the mirror. I have learned that it's not my job to change how you feel about your body, but I can do my best to show you the clothes that will help you see yourself as a whole, and not just that part you don't like.

personal stylist austin

Style Can be Overwhelming

Whether you're really into trends or think of clothing merely as something to cover your body with, keeping up with fashion can be overwhelming. A lot of you go into your closet each day and end up in a replica of what you wore the previous day--not because you don't care or don't have anything else, but because you don't have time to think so much about it and you're a little scared. You see the value in dressing well (it makes you feel good to look good, after all) but don't always see how it can all be pieced together in new ways. It's also sometimes a little terrifying to try new things, and I totally get that. I myself am currently wearing some really weird pants I haven't dared to leave the house in yet.

personal stylist austin

Does this Look Right?

Sometimes you have all the clothes, the accessories, the shoes but you still aren't sure if it works. Sometimes you are simply tired and need a snack, but other times you need some clear decision-making information about your outfit. ALL OF US put stuff on and then immeadiately aren't sure it it looks right. I have learned to trust my gut (or my ability to picture message a trusted friend) and go with it, but it takes some time! I love helping people get clear on everything they've got in their closet so that they don't have to do the whole outfit message back and forth before leaving the house. But I still love it when I receive those texts. Being fickle is also pretty human, huh?

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