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Fall Forward (with Style)

Oh boy, the first fall breezes are finally blowing through, which can only mean one thing: pumpkin lattes!...Or, you can use this change in season to sit back and reflect on who you might want to be this fall. Are you seriously buckling down to take your career someplace new? Do you want to spend a little more time focusing on your relationships? Are you looking inward? Well, of course your wardrobe should reflect these intentions!

As we embark upon the last few months of 2016, I'm going to give you 3 ways you can push your wardrobe forward, depending on where you're at and what you're hoping to acheive....

Stepping it Up?

Have you been putting your heart and soul into your work this year, but think that perhaps you might need to put a little more attention towards what you're wearing to work? Your wardrobe should reflect the busy/creative/productive/smart/badass hard worker that you are, and the quickest and easiest way to look more profesh is to add a little structure to your outfit.

Adding a tailored jacket, vest, or skirt to your work wardrobe will take it up a notch, and will look clean and comfy even if you don't have a super-dressy workplace. The cooler temps will allow us to wear more closely fitted pieces without discomfort, and be sure to look for yummy camels, greens, and deep cranberry colors to add to your workwear mix.


Softening Up?

Maybe you've got your career wardrobe on lock, but are searching for a little more balance this year. If you're hoping to develop your close relationships, or just want to kind of soften up in general, why not add some cozy, feminine layers?

Nothing says approachable like a flowy floral skirt (try balancing the fem with some suede booties), and I'm loving the floral printed jeans I'm seeing lately too. If you're looking for something less structured but still stylin, take a neutral-hued poncho for a spin this fall. Guys can soften up by adding a little more texture to their jackets and pulling out the cashmere hoodie!


Simplifying Your Life?

Perhaps the change in season inspires your "out with the old" mentality! I love to go through last year's winter clothes and ditch the pieces that no longer reflect my current style, or the pieces I'm just plain sick of. This year, pay close attention to how your pieces can be worn differently. Maybe you can layer a turtleneck under that dress or embellished top to give it some new life, or perhaps your summer dress looks even cooler with tights underneath. Use your closet sort as a time to take stock and see how your style can shift with the season!

Freaking out that you might be freezing when the weather changes and don't think you can handle figuring out layering on your own? Fall's my favorite, so contact me for some one on one support & tell me where you're stuck!