let's get comfy

Let's Get Comfy!

Let's get real for a minute: most of us spend about 5% of our time all dressed up, even though it's the holidays. So why not get excited about the glories of true holiday dressing: comfortable lounging outfits!

Nowadays, fashion is actually trending towards the comfortable, so it makes much more sense to spend your time and money looking good in your realistic, everyday, comfy-as-heck clothes, right? It doesn't have to be all hoodies and pajama bottoms, or leggings as pants. It is possible for your comfortable winter break outfits to be put-together and stylish enough to wear outside of the house with confidence!

Oversized Tops

You probably already own one of these drapey, wide, or oversized sweaters but you might just not think of wearing it with anything other than leggings and boots. The key to pulling off oversized tops with style is to pair them with some more fitted pants, or balance them out with accessories. Try showing a sliver of ankle with some stretchy cropped skinny jeans or add some personality with a scarf layered over a long necklace. Switch out the slippers for shiny boots or flats and you're ready to be seen (and noticed) in public!


Slouchy Layers

Another comfy and easy way to show the world you thought before you dressed is to play with layering. After all, warmth is a big part of feeling comfortable in the winter, is it not? Try pairing unexpected colors, textures, and proportions together: lighter blouses look awesome with chunkier knits, and if you're wearing a long top, try adding a slightly shorter jacket or sweater over it. The two examples above are both rather monochromatic, which makes them feel modern, but the overall vibe is easy and relaxed.


Stylin' Sweats

I know you LOVE your yoga pants and suggesting their eradication is a lost cause, but let's just note that stylish trackpants are back in a major way, and your butt can still look just as cute. Look for slightly tapered/cropped versions, and wear them with a little slouch. You can tuck in the front of your comfy top to show your waist and even wear them with sneakers. Just try it, I dare you.

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