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Delegating Your Style

Do you keep to-do lists? Have you ever looked at each item on that list and really thought about whether you have the actual capacity to get it done? I've been reflecting on my business lately, making lists, and really trying to parse apart the tasks I really love doing from those I have zero desire for, and then creating a "stuff I WOULD do if I got the rest of this crap done" list.

The idea of delegating any part of my business used to send me into shivers of anxiety, but lately I have realized that I'm never going to get to that dreamy "stuff I would do" list unless I let some of the tasks that get in my way go. I am of the mindset that the fewer things I have to focus on, the better I will be able to accomplish those tasks, and the more space I'll have to push towards the dreamy things (or at least have more time to actually dream)! So I finally gave in & hired myself a real live assistant, PHEW!

Is upgrading your wardrobe, clearing out your closet, or packing for an upcoming trip on one of your to-do lists? Does your style hang over your head (like opening up Quickbooks does to me) taunting you to get your act together and just do it already? What if you could delegate the parts of your style that hold you back from moving on towards your dream-list to someone else? Today I'm going to share with you ways you can let go of some of the annoying aspects of maintaining a stylish, practical wardrobe this fall so that you can move forward with the pieces of your life you'd rather focus on.

Is Your Style a Priority?

First, you need to decide if your style is actually on your list of priorities. Look down at what you're wearing today. Do you feel like your outfit is a true reflection of who you are right now? If you're wearing something you've had since college, if you tried on 5 different tops before settling on the one you have on, or if you just dont feel quite right (and wish you could go home and change) then perhaps addressing your wardrobe should be on your to-do list.

You can go a little further and get specific about the exact issues you have going on in your wardrobe too. Is your closet unmanageable because it's stuffed to the gills and you don't even remember what's in there? Has you size changed, leaving you with very few pieces that actually fit? Do you simply feel blah about your overall style, and want to get inspired to have a little fun getting dressed again?

A Push to Take Action

Now that you've determined that your style is, in fact, a priority, you have to decide whether it's something you have the bandwidth to tackle on your own. Maybe you can do a little research to get the wheels turning (remember this post?) or sort through your closet on your own using some of these tips. Putting just a little effort towards one aspect of your overall goal can create enough reward in the form of accomplishment that you may want to keep pushing forward!

Of course, if you're like me and my Quickbooks, you may feel overwhelmed to the point of not even being able to start. Maybe you have one way of dressing for work, and another way of dressing casually, and you want to merge the two a little better but can't figure out how. Perhaps you tried to clean your closet last summer and after 3 hours of hiking down memory lane you gave up. You may need an accountability partner, or someone who can ask you the right questions to really get at the core of what's going on. Understanding the problem is the first step to fixing it!

Delegate That Sh*t!

When all else fails (and this is becoming my personal mantra lately): Delegate That Sh*t! I could spend 5 hours thinking up reasons why I'm terrible with accounting, reading books on being smarter with money, or I could just hire a bookkeeper and move on. Why spend tons of time trying to do something you're not great at? I've discovered that when I delegate a task to someone who actually enjoys the task, I feel like I have some special secret to a happy life. In fact, I think taking control of my life looks a lot like having an assistant who tells me exactly what to do each day, go figure!

So why not delegate the most painful parts of your style to a professional who can carefully parse apart the main issues, provide a system for fixing what's wrong, and take action toward accomplishing the goal? If you want to transition to a more modern style but can't seem to purchase anything besides the same blue top and black pants when you shop, I can help. If you spend more time thinking about/dreading packing for a work trip than actually getting to your destination, I can help. If you want to get your closet sorted, add new items to your wardrobe, and figure out 40 new outfits to wear this fall, I can totally help. Delegate that style!

Ready to Delegate Your Style?

I've been creating a work life that allows me to focus MORE on directly helping clients, and less on all the other stuff that distracts me. So lay your #1 most painful style task on me and let's cross it off your to-do list.

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