Man Month: What to Buy Now

I'm calling January MAN MONTH because it's an awesome time for guys to stock up on new clothes for the rest of the winter. I've discovered that many men don't particularly enjoy shopping for clothes for a myriad of reasons, so January's quiet shops and super sales can be quite enticing. But what exactly should you buy this month? Well, here are some easy-to-find options that might actually push you to try something new this year. Let's face it, you already have a lot of plaid and the color blue in your closet already, right?

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Textured Layers

I've seen the inside of a lot of guys' closets, and I know for a fact you're really great at collecting a lot of the same type of shirt. It's annoying to shop, so when you find something that works you tend to buy multiples. Instead of beelining to the checkered shirts this time, go for some textured pieces or some type of unique print. I love the speckled soft flannels, dots, and manly florals that are out right now, and you can easily wear them with all the same things you wear your plaid with. Bonus--if the shirt is super soft, you'll get touched more.



It's the middle of winter which just so happens to be the end of boot season, and therefore exactly when all winter shoes go on sale! Boots are expensive, but very versatile, and if you've been on the fence, now is an excellent time to make this kind of purchase. I love the lace-up boots with the tongue out and all slouchy, or chukka boots dressed up or down. Check out the sweet burgundy pants with those ones down there in the middle! Easy but unique, and totally comfortable.


Casual Shirts Galore

As some of you already know, I love a man in a henley. There's something mighty sexy about them, and they're the perfect weight for Texas winter and early spring. Long-sleeved, you can wear them under a blazer or sweater if it's super cold, and just throw on with jeans and sneakers as an alternative to a t-shirt. I also dig the more modern sweatshirts (also on sale) when worn slightly dressier, with a collared shirt and nice shoes.