How to Dress in Front of a Group...YIKES

Getting up and talking in front of a group can be terrifying and empowering all at once, but getting yourself ready that morning brings its own conflicting feelings. Do I wear a suit? How much skin is too much skin? Am I too "out there?"

I'm going to try to break it down for you today and share my favorite tricks for dressing for a podium, interview, or just a super important meeting. If you wear something that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and shows who you are, you can't help but nail your speech!

Make it FIT

It truly doesn't matter what your style is, when your clothes fit properly, you can almost get away with anything! Make sure your presentation outfit fits like a dream and avoid tugging at your hem, sleeve, or the neck of the shirt you're paranoid is showing too much skin. Your discomfort will distract you and the group and can read as insecurity-yuck! You'll end up working harder to win over your audience to overcome the impression your ill-fitting or uncomfortable clothes are making.

TIP: Select clothing that skims your body (isn't too tight or loose) and knee-length skirts if you'll be sitting (or just wear pants). Guys, have your suiting tailored by a pro to eliminate any fit questions.


Make it POP

A good rule of thumb when dressing for a presentation or speaking gig is to go a little dressier than usual or, if you know your audience, a little dressier than they will be. You want to show your group some respect via your outfit, and allow yourself to pop a little bit. Why not go for a dress in a simple shape, but in a bright color, or add one stand-out accessory to your neutral outfit? This goes for your overall style, too. If you are always in flats, try wearing some heels for your meeting, or a shirt and tie if you generally keep it casual. That little extra pop will show you've put some thought in, and will read as confidence to your audience.


Make it YOU

Sometimes the key to being comfortable and confident is to add an element of the style you love the most to your outfit. If you're in a creative field, this can be extra fun because you can inject some of the creativity you are talking about in your presentation to your outfit! If you love some good print or texture, add some of that to your outfit. If you have a thing for bold jewelry, wear a simple outfit with a statement necklace. You can showcase the skills you're talking about in your outfit, and as a result end up enhancing your whole talk!

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